Fireflies bring magic and a sense of childlike wonder into our lives. Their presence means nostalgic memories of youth and innocence, when the world was a magical dream land and nothing was outside the realm of possibility.

Background Info: 


Firefly and a male companion were confiscated by animal control after their owner moved and left them behind. When confronted, the owner declined getting her back because she had been spayed. Her good looks and positive attitude caught the staff's attention at KCPP and she was selected as a candidate for our program. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female (Spayed)
Age:  1 - 3 Years
Weight:  38 - 48 lbs.
Color:  Golden

Health Condition:

Firefly is healthy and ready for adoption. 


Physical Description:  

On the smaller side, athletic and too cute for words! And those ears are to die for. Firefly's coat color is gorgeous in person. She looks like she's made of sparkling gold. 


Living Situation:  

After a couple weeks at MPR shelter where she did awesome, Firefly was moved to a foster home. .She has been such a grateful and well-behaved little guest. Everyone is smitten by her friendly nature and positive energy. 

There is a 5 foot fence in her foster but Firefly is always supervised when outside. She is crated when home alone and sleeps in a crate at night. 

There are no children in her foster home but one male pitbull-type dog; 5-7 years

A Word From Foster Parents:

"Firefly is such a sweetie! When we began foster, we were informed that she had been crate trained/did really well in the crate. We set her up in one of our spare bedrooms with her crate and would mainly keep her in there when we were out of the room. As she got more comfortable and demonstrated she could be trusted, we would leave her crate open but door to the bedroom closed. She has access to the full bedroom and behaves really well for the most part; she has chewed up a pillow or two, so we've removed any item like that. There are times though she will put herself back in her crate if she's been in the room unbothered for a while. She sleeps in her crate at night, even with the door open.

There are times when we'll put our dog up, giving Firefly access to the rest of our house. She does the occasional lap around the house (our house is set up like a square - front room and living room back to back, kitchen on one side, hallway on the other; she can just run in circles). Most of the time she'll grab one of her toys and sit up on the couch with us.

Regardless of whether she's in her room or out in the rest of the house with us, she's actually very cuddly and affectionate! We really enjoy spending time on the couch with her. We let her out real quick before putting her back up, though I think she's wised up to what's happening. She's generally pretty treat-motivated, so getting her back into that room isn't too challenging.

We've only taken her on one outing; to the MPR Meet and Greet event at Crane Brewing, and she did so well! She does really awesome in our vehicle, and is very sweet with people. She didn't seem to mind the crowds or the extra treats that came with the attention. Due to all of the recent restrictions regarding the coronavirus, we haven't done much as far as outings go."


Silly happy little social butterfly. She is so much fun! Not hyper by any means, but very fun-loving and lively. Firefly's personality is balanced and candid. She's outgoing and always in a good mood. 

A Word From Foster Parents:

She does seem to be a goofball in our house, running around and playing with her toys. I say "easy to handle" in that she's relatively smaller; while she at times can be reactive on a leash, she's still easy to handle due to her smaller size. She's "medium energy" (other than her zoomies) so long as she isn't coming off of an interaction with another dog.


When she's in her room by herself, we seldom hear a peep from her. When one of us is in there with her, she can be very sweet and affectionate, wanting to climb on us and cuddle. She does seem responsive, whether it's to treats, a clicker, or general commands. Foster mom has had some good work with her with clicker training. She's also "responsive" to other animals as well.


She's small and stocky, but stairs or couches don't seem to be an issue for her. She still has a lot of "puppy energy" to her, so it would help to have an active family to help with the energy."

Behavior with people: 

Firefly loves people! Everyone is a long-lost friend. She's super approachable, gregarious and easy-to-read. 

A Word From Foster Parents:

"Firefly has been great with the two of us in our home. She's very sweet and affectionate; very well-behaved. We took her to the Meet and Greet at Crane Brewing, and she was really great meeting other adults! She was curious and approachable. Responded well to treats being offered. She did not seem to jump up much on any one, which was great to see!"


Behavior with children:  

Unknown but we dont see why not! She does get mouthy when trying to establish a connection with people but nothing worrisome. We are working on the behavior and she is responsive. Older kids preferred. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

We know she lived with an older male dog before her rescue but we have very little info on their interactions. She comes across as more interested in making people friends, than doggy friends. We wont rule out a home with a compatible male dog for her, provided the owners understand the breed well and are willing to proceed with proper introductions and assure good supervision. We do believe she would shine as an only pet. 

A Word From Foster Parents:

"She does seem very dog reactive, but she's getting better with our current dog. I would imagine she could eventually do well with another dog but we are still in the process of slowly introducing her to our dog. We've taken them on a number of parallel walks, and Firefly is getting better. She does seem to be very dog reactive; the first couple walks, she would bark her head off at our dog. We've continued with it, having her be the first one to walk so she's not walking behind him much, and that has seemed to help. She's definitely getting better at walks with him, but she is still very reactive to other unfamiliar dogs. Seems to be the same with people as well. We've tried a few "crate and rotate" interactions as well, leaving Firefly in the crate while bringing our dog into the room. Those have also gotten better as we've tried them, but it's all very much a work in progress."


Behavior with other animals:  

"Firefly seems to have a relatively higher prey drive. When we go for walks, she is reactive to squirrels or birds nearby. She also reacts to statues, which is peculiar."


Very little training as of now, but a quick and smart learner. She is eager to please and easy to motivate. 

A Word From Foster Parents:

"She does really well with the crate. We've worked on clicker training and basic command training with her; no tricks. She does seem very responsive and is treat motivated."

Best Attribute:   

For one thing, she's really cute. Those pictures dont do her justice. She's smaller than average and easy to handle. We believe she has the size and personality to fit just about any lifestyle, provided she has an outlet for her energy.

A Word From Foster Parents:

"She can be very affectionate and cuddly. She also does this cute little army crawl. Her back legs sprawl out froggy style, and she'll crawl towards you or one of her toys. It's very cute.

She's also got a very cute little smile! She doesn't always love butt scratches or pats, but she does cuddle up real close and will smile when you pet her. She's a really gorgeous color, and has a non-intimidating look about her as a pitbull-type dog (we know the stereotype). She's also a very reasonable size as well, especially if she's fully grown. She's a great size to manage."

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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