Figaro is based on and acts like an immature and spoiled little boy but deep down he has a heart of gold. 
Background Info:


Hard to believe someone would abuse & neglect such an adorable guy, but Fig was found in a pretty bad situation indeed. Freezing outside, no shelter other than an old car seat, trash everywhere, lack of food, water and love. Thankfully his ordeal did not affect his fun-loving nature and enthusiastic spirit. His past is behind him & he is ready to live his best life with his forever humans!

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Boston Bulldogge
Sex:  Male
Age:  2-4 yrs
Weight:  40-50  lbs
Color:  Black & White


Figaro is a charming guy, but we believe a combination of irresponsible breeding & poor upbringing caused some inappropriate behaviors that were addressed. He has completed professional obedience classes & loves to show off how smart he is. He is also on a low dose of fluoxetine to help him adjust to life as a pet. 

Figaro was transferred to a foster home a few months ago and is thriving. Fig and his foster mom are working on channeling his energy appropriately. He can go from calm & cuddly to overly excited very quickly, but he is making progress with this. With  proper leadership & routine, this behavior can be managed and has greatly improved already. 


Health Condition:

Healthy and ready for adoption. 


Possible Breed: 

Figaro looks like an Olde Boston Bulldogge. We don't know if it was an intentional breeding or just an accidental meeting with a Pit Bull and a Boston Terrier. He has physical and personality traits of both breeds. A little bigger than a Boston Terrier, a little smaller than a Pit Bull and his face looks very much like a cross of both. 

We believe Figaro could be approved in some municipalities with mild BSL. 

Living Situation:  

Figaro is fostered in home with a single woman and another dog. Fig is kept separate from the other dog as she is older and not very interested in sharing her mom with another dog. He is kept in a large 5x5 kennel when no one is home & overnight and no trouble at all. 

Fig is very well behaved in his kennel. Lucky for Fig, a volunteer donated a big TV for him to have because he absolutely LOVES watching cartoons to keep himself entertained in his kennel. His favorite movie seems to be the Smurfs. 

Since arriving in foster home care, Fig has not had any accidents inside and is not destructive at all. He has a very large yard and gets plenty of exercise daily. A home where he would continue to receive a combination of physical exercise and mental puzzles would be ideal for him and a key to managing his behavior.



Figaro is an all-around fun dog and very, very smart.  A happy clown who will have you laughing all day. He's very much a teenager and might try to test his boundaries if you let him, but he thrives on leadership.


He loves nothing more than to amuse the gallery with his funny antics. Fig is quite the little entertainer indeed, and loves to bring a smile in people's face, which he does naturally.  He also does very well entertaining himself with a cartoon & nylabone while his human does the adulting. 

If he had it his way, Figaro's forever home would have an indoor pool because he loves the water! Whether it be a kiddy pool, human pool, or even the shower! He will play in the water all day, if you let him. In fact, foster momma has to keep the bathroom door shut when showering or Fig will jump in with her.

Needless to say, after all this little guy has been through, his fun loving enthusiastic love of life is contagious. 

Behavior with people: 

Fig enjoys people and depending on the circumstances, will greet most everyone with a big smile and a happy face. He loves attention. 

He might test boundaries however, but is responsive to calm and assertive personalities. Loud or overly excited praises don't work on Fig and only gets him over stimulated. Fig's excitement can escalate so he needs humans who recognize this behavior and react appropriately. 

When comfortable and under control, this comedian will easily make everyone in the room laugh.


Figaro also has a very cuddly and loving side too. He gives the best hugs. 

Behavior with children:  

Figaro will not be placed in a home with children. He needs mature and responsible handling from adults adept at working around his quirks. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Figaro needs a home without other pets.  He enjoys the company of his humans and will thrive as a single pet. 

Behavior with other animals:  

No cats for Mr Figaro. The Terrier side in him prefers chasing them than hanging out with them. 



Very, very smart little man. Super fast learner who enjoys obedience training and learning new tricks.

Figaro graduated a training class a few months ago and was a real little champ. 

Figaro keeps his kennel clean and isn't destructive. Over the past few months in foster home, him & his

caretaker have worked hard finding the right combination of exercise, cuddling & down time that keep

his anxiety down & his boundary testing to a minimum. 

He is extremely athletic & he needs a yard to run in. We recommend a tall privacy fence for this little

guy. He can easily jump a 4ft chain length fence to go after a squirrel, bunny, or any creature he wants  to play with.

Best Attribute:   

Figaro has the cutest face and a fun-loving personality to match. Happy clown who always look for the bright side of things. His hilarious personality and love for life is amazing considering all he has been through. He has the cutest underbite and will melt your heart when he puts on his pouty face for attention. Coming home to this guy will always put a smile on your face!

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