Eva Earlong

Eva Earlong is the crown princess of Carrotus and the daughter of the Queen as well as the girlfriend and later wife of Jazz Jackrabbit.

Background Info:


No idea why miss Eva Earlong landed at the city pound but this is where we found this funny little lady. She has been very glad to have a chance in our program and doesn't miss an occasion to let us know how glad she is to have been given this opportunity at a better life. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull 
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  40-45 lbs
Color:  Blue

Health Condition:

Healthy, spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations. Eva is ready for her forever home. 

Living Situation:  

Living the life at MPR shelter and not letting her situation affect her morale. Eva is one happy dog and it will take more than homeless life to break her spirit.  

Eva is a great guest at the shelter. The best in fact! She is very quiet in her kennel and goes out of her way to keep it clean and neat. She is allowed to have stuffed blankets because she doesn't destroy her bedding. She's a very good girl and a volunteer's favorite.


Eva is on the small side and under 45 Lbs. Her coat is a beautiful deep dark blue and she has the cutest little face. Of course Miss Earlong will win any ear contest in town! 


Eva is hilarious. She pauses like a cover-girl as soon as the camera is on her and has no idea how ridiculous she looks with those silly ears. She thinks she's a contestant for Miss USA. Well, she sure could win Miss congeniality!!


This funny gal is always happy and always in a good mood. She loves life with all her little heart and her happiness is contagious. While she is lively and energetic, she is not hyper or crazy. In fact, she is quite responsive and eager to please. Just an entertaining little doll who wont miss a chance to bring a smile in your face... and those ears!!  

​​​Behavior with people: 

Outgoing, friendly, enthusiastic in her greetings but easy to get under control. She's quite the little social butterfly. Eva is definitly a people-dog who cant get enough attention. That said, she'll find a way to entertain herself if you are too busy for her. She's not a pest about getting your attention but she's always thrilled to be the life of the party. She also loves cuddling and you often found her belly up on someone's lap, soaking up the love. 


Behavior with children:  

Eva met children and as we expected, she thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. She is such a kid herself that she thrives in their presence. Eva also appears to be tolerant and open-minded.  We think she would love a home with older kids, preferably teenagers, and they should appreciate her happy spirit. We do prefer no small kids or toddlers for this fun-loving gal as she gets a little spunky when toys are involved. Nothing bad at all, but little kids might not know how to behave appropriately around dogs and toys. Little hands sometimes look so much fun to play tug with.  

Another thing to think about is Eva's great curiosity and desire to explore. A safe and structured environment with no possibility of doors or gates being left opened is preferred for this inquisitive gal. 

Behavior with other dogs:  

Eva is a people-dog.  A home as an only pet is recommended. She's proven to be a little feisty when it comes to other dogs, though not hard to control on leash. She's also quite into her toys and would not share well. Being an adorable social-butterfly with people is what this bubbly girl does best. 

Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown but we suspect she might be a little too interested in small animals to live in a home with cats.


Note that we have seen Eva contemplate climbing a fence when a squirrel caught her interest. She immediately changed her mind when we called her. 



Eva Earlong is housebroken and generally well behaved. She's easy, smart, non-destructive and responsive. She should be a breeze to train. 

Best Attribute:   

Her ears!!!!! As if it was not enough though, this happy little bee is full of fun and personality. Eva is curious and eager to have fun. She loves a good belly rub too. Her small size makes her a lot of fun to have around and easy to handle. She's a volunteers's favorite because she is so well-behaved at the shelter. We feel confident she has what it takes to make a family proud and happy. 

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