"Every woman can be beautiful." - Estée Lauder.
Pulled from the local shelter. Foster mom named this sweetheart “Estée" because she looks like she’s wearing eyeliner. This puppy girl is so pretty and so sweet. Little Estée is about 6 months old and ready to learn everything about the good life. 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  6 to 10 months
Weight:  Growing
Color: White & Tan
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats: Probably


​Living Situation:

Estee is fostered in a home with two adults and two children.  The children are two boys, ages 9 & 6.  There are also two adult pitbull mixes that live in her foster home.  They have a fenced yard where she can play and her foster family also takes her on walks.  She does great on a leash, and walks wonderfully without too much pulling.  Her foster home is located in the suburbs with many other dogs in fenced yards around the area.  Estee does not seem bothered by the barking of other dogs.  She is crated while her foster parents are at work during the day, but out the remainder of the time.  


Estee is somewhat timid at first, but quickly opens up.  She is very friendly, and has a "wiggle butt" when she is happy!  She is extremely cuddly and loves laying on the couch or bed with her foster family.  She listens well, and is very structured with her bathroom routine.  She goes to the bathroom right after she eats - like a clock!  Her energy level varies depending on her company.  When the dogs are all out together, she is more playful.  When she has time with just the family, she is very laid back.  She knows sit, and is working on lay down/stay. 


Behavior with people: 

She listens very well and loves attention.  She was initially more timid when she first came to her foster home, but she has really opened up and her personality is coming out - very sweet girl!


Behavior with children: 

She is great with the kids, but could be a little too high energy for really young children.  She can jump high and tends to fly like a gazelle onto the couch with her foster brothers.  They love it, but a toddler might find this too much.  She even jumped like a hurdle over one of the other dogs the other day - she would probably be great at an agility contest!


Behavior with other dogs: 

She is around our two pit bull mixes at her foster home; one male and one female adult.  She does great with both of them, but gets pretty wound up at times in terms of her energy level.  Like any puppy, she needs to be worked with firmly so she knows when to slow down.  If the dogs become too rambounctious when they play, foster parents will separate them for awhile to give them a break.  They have not seen any signs of aggression when they play, and Estee is  submissive to the older dogs.  In addition, when she comes across dogs in the neighborhood on walks, Estee is very curious and wants to play.


Behavior with other animals: 

Unknown at this time. We will update if she comes across a small creature on her walks!



She does very well in her crate, and has had zero accidents in there.  He foster family is working on house training, and says she has done well so far.  She goes out very regularly so she understands where to go, and this avoids accidents to begin with.  She goes to the bathroom on a pretty regular schedule, which helps.  She is very trainable and food motivated.


Best Attribute: 

 Without question, Estee's personality is her best trait!  She is an absolute sweetheart and very loving.  She is a cuddle bug and an adorable goofball all in one- pretty classic pit bull!  She will make a great addition to a special family!

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