Epona is a fictional horse in The Legend of Zelda video games. Her name is derived from the Celtic goddess of horses.

Background Info:


Epona was found as a stray and taken to the local pound. No one came to claim her, which is surprising considering what an amazing dog she is. The staff was smitten by her remarkable disposition and formidable appearance and immediately put a plea on her behalf to MPR. 

Adoption Fee: $200
Breed:  American Bulldog / Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  3-7 yrs
Weight:  75-85 lbs

Health Condition:

Epona is heartworm positive and has began treatment. She should be completely in the clear this winter. Until then, Epona could still be adopted to a local home, provided they could keep her calm and quiet for the duration of her treatment. 

Even if you can’t adopt this sweetheart, you can still help by donating for her care. 


Physical Description:  

She is a BIG gal! Most likely an American Bulldog / Pit Bull mix. She's absolutely gorgeous and her pictures dont do her justice. Much more impressive looking in person. She has a very endearing expression and you can see the friendliness in her eyes. This dog is a gem! 


Living Situation:  

Trying her best to cope with shelter life but its not her favorite place. She's a trouper though, and keeps her chin up. She loves her time out with the volunteers and is always on her best behavior. 

Epona keeps her kennel clean and uses her doggy-door to relieve herself if needed. She will do her best to wait for her in turn the yard though. She keeps her bedding nice & neat and is not reactive towards the dogs kenneled next to her.  



Such a darling dog. She has a very docile temperament and is easy to handle despite her large size.  Epona is eager to please, serene and collected. A gentle giant. 

Epona's energy level is on the low side. We haven't taken her on walks yet so we're not sure how she does on a leash but when it comes to exercise, she doesn't need a huge fenced yard. Thar said, she absolutely loves sunbathing on the porch! 

Behavior with people: 

Very at ease with everyone she meets. Not shy, but not bold and assertive either. She's very well behaved when greeting people. 


Epona is affectionate but not desperately needy. She loves to be right by people but is content laying on a dog bed if you are busy. She is learning to cuddle on a couch right now, and soaking it up. 


Behavior with children:  

Unknown. She's gentle but quite big. Something parents of very young children should keep in mind. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Epona was briefly introduced to a few large males with a similar personality while at at city shelter and did well. She would be awesome as an only pet, or might enjoy sharing a home with a compatible male. 


Behavior with other animals:  



Unknown but she seems naturally well behaved. She never had an accident in her kennel or our playrooms. 

Best Attribute:   

Epona is an amazing dog inside and out. Very easy to love. We are confident she will make a family very happy thanks to her good nature and wonderful disposition. 

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