A solid tree that is more than meets the eye! The word Ebony is associated with blackness and beauty.
Ebony came to us as a scared, dirty, malnourished and infested with parasites. We don’t know what exactly happened to her in her past but we suspect she left a very sad life behind. One thing is sure, she was glad to be saved and God only knows how grateful she is for her precious chance. She has been treated and is now fully recovered and ready for her new life.  The world is her oyster.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Mix
Sex:  F
Age:  1-3
Weight:  35-45 lbs
Color: Black and White
Good with dogs: Unknown
Good with cats: Unknown

Medical Condition:

Ebony successfully completely heartworm treatment in May. She is back on her feet, with a healthy heart full of love to give.


Living Situation:

Ebony is living at our shelter facility and definitely appreciates having a comfy bed and regular meals! She is well behaved in her kennel, keeps it clean and doesn’t destroy her blankest.  She is SWEET, very easy, responsive and cute as can be. Needless to say, she has quickly become a volunteer’s favorite.



Ebony seems to still be navigating how to love and be loved but boy is she soaking it up!  She has so much love to give and is coming out of her shell more and more each day now that she knows she is safe and that safety isn't going away. She is slightly on the submissive side, but definitely, not shy. She just doesn’t have a very forceful personality with people, except perhaps when it’s time to snuggle. She will definitely insist a little bit but she does it with her sad puppy eyes, not by being unruly or pushy. For the most part she is very easy to handle and should make a great companion to just about anyone.


Her energy level is medium to low. She likes a good butt-run in the yard but she’s a little more interested in the “cuddling-with-a-loved-one” side of life than playing for hours.  

Ebony loves to go on car-rides and is very well-behaved in a vehicle. 


Behavior with people: 

Ebbie (or Bonnie) wants nothing more than to please. She will wait for a volunteer to sit down and then scooch as close to them as she possibly can, waiting for an invite to get in their lap. She just wants to be touched and it is very endearing. She’s acting friendly with everyone, has never shown any aggression or dislike of anyone. She’ll greet everyone with a gentle little tail wag, but goes right to them. In fact, in a room full of people, she'll go introduce herself to everyone by sitting in front of them and laying her head on their lap with the sweetest eyes a dog can have. No one can resist her!


Ebbie probably wouldn’t make a very good guard dog. She loves people way too much. In fact, she might be a little naïve when it comes to people and will follow just about anyone for love and kisses.


Behavior with children: 

Ebony has met kids at the shelter and as expected, was nothing but her sweet self with them as well.  We believe she would be a great addition to a family. We have no reason to think she would do poorly in a home with children. A home with gentle and respectful kids would be better for her though, because she is a little sensitive.


Behavior with other dogs: 

We think Bonnie needs to be an only pet. She can be mildly reactive to other dogs passing her kennel. Nothing bad and it may just be a matter of being uncomfortable around other dogs. In fact, we take her to adoption events and she is very easy to handle in a crowd, even with other dogs all around her. For her sake though, because she loves people so much more than anything, we think being the only 4-legged princess in the house so she can get all the love for herself, would be ideal.


Behavior with other animals: 

Unknown. Doesn’t appear to have a high prey drive but she has not been exposed to cats and small animals since being with us.



Ebony spent a few weeks on "kennel rest" during her heartworm treatment but has recently began to go on walks and learn basic training. The volunteers rave on how good she is on leash and how responsive she is. This dog is such an easy sweetheart that we believe just about anyone could have her as a companion. She would do well in an apartment or small house, or in a mansion with a huge yard. She is not hard to please at all. All she wants is to be next to her loved-ones and soak up love like a sponge.  She is definitely a favorite amongst MPR volunteers as she is so easy and sweet.


Best Attribute: 

Engaging and darling can’t begin to describe this sweetheart. She’s a doll. Ebony's eyes will light up as soon as she sees you and you can read the love in them! If you want an adoring dog, she is the girl for you! She will spend the rest of her life reminding you how grateful she is of the chance you gave her. Don’t apply if you are looking for an independent dog. Ebony is a cuddle-bug and she needs someone who will appreciate all the love she has to give.

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