Dulce de leche

“Life doesn't make any sense without Dulce de Leche"
Breed connoisseurs will appreciate this girl’s subtle beauty. Even though she is quite underweight right now, you can tell there’s a gorgeous ambassador of the breed in there. She already has a beautiful soul. All she need is love and good care and Dulce will soon be just as superb on the outside as she is inside. 
ID Number:  #
Breed:  APBT
Sex:  S Female
Age:  1 to 3 yo
Weight:  55 to 65
Color: Buckskin
Good with dogs:  N/A
Good with cats:  N/A

Living Situation:

Dulce is currently living in a boarding facility while she waits for space at our shelter or for the right person to come take her to her forever home. 




Dulce is a gentle, inquisitive dog who seems eager to begin life outside of a shelter. She likes to explore on a leash but doesn’t pull. She is very easy-going and appears to have a rock-steady temperament, like the breed should have. She is people-oriented, stable, well balanced and loving.



Behavior with people: 

She is as sweet as can be! After she gets back in tip top shape, Dulce would make an excellent activity partner or a dog you can read a book next to on a lazy afternoon.  She loves the company of people but is not too pushy with her needs for attention. She will follow you around if you let her, but won’t forcefully try to give you a wash-face… Unless you want one; Then she’s all for it!



Behavior with children: 

She is new to our program and we have not seen her around kiddos yet. She is calm and appears gentle though, so we don’t anticipate her being too rambunctious to share her home with children. She seems patient and tolerant. She had puppies before so probably has a natural maternal instinct. Dogs with a similar background usually make awesome companions in homes with little ones.  



Behavior with other dogs: 

So far, she is not reactive to the other dogs in the shelter. She often stops by the other kennels on her way in and out of her area and likes to give little kisses to other dogs in passing. That said, we believe Dulce is much more a people-dog than a dog-dog. We think this beauty would make an outstanding companion as an only pet.



Behavior with other pets: N/A




Beautiful Dulce keeps her kennel clean and seems content to chew on her Nylabone and get love from our volunteers who are all quickly becoming big fans of her.  



Best Attribute: 

Dulce has all the makings of a perfect breed ambassador. She is a sturdy girl with a gentle soul who wants to get to know the world around her. Her creamy caramel color and loving eyes are sure to melt your heart as soon as you see her. 

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