Duke Caboom

Duke Caboom is a 1970s toy based on Canada's greatest daredevil and stuntman. With his trusty Caboom stunt-cycle, Duke has confidence and swagger as he shows off all of his stunt poses. Unfortunately, Duke has never been able to do the stunts as advertised by his own toy commercial.

Background Info:


Another abandoned stray found by a good Samaritan and brought to the city shelter. Duke spent a few months at the pound, while health issues were being assessed. The staff eventually made a plea to MPR to welcome him in our program. They were impressed with his gentleman personality and good behavior, despite spending so much time in such chaotic environment (this was before KCPP moved to their new facility). 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  2-4 yrs
Weight:  70-80 lbs
Color:  White & liver

Health Condition:

Duke contracted a respiratory virus a little before Thanks Giving 2019, while being impounded at the city shelter. He became very sick, his breathing was compromised and he had an incident of collapsing during a walk. He also had some possible tremors, although neurological issues were not diagnosed. Duke was put on heart medicine and improved shortly after. 

Duke arrived to MPR in early January and immediately saw our vet for chest x-rays, which were sent to a radiologist. The report came back negative for heart problems. We are currently tapering Duke's heart medicine as the vet doesn't believe he needs it. We have not witnessed any occurrences of heart issues, labored breathing or tremors since he's been with us. He appears very healthy, super happy and more than ready to find a family to adopt.


Even if you can’t give this sweetheart a loving home, you can still help by donating for his care. MPR is currently facing a dramatic surge in medical conditions and needs all the help we can get. Duke would love if someone paid his or part of his vet bill, which currently stands at $300.00. 

Physical Description:  

Duke is strikingly handsome. A little bit taller than average, it's possible there's a bit of American Bulldog in his background. He has soft fur, an irresistible squishy face, and hilarious facial expressions. His eyes are thoughtful and very easy to read. This dog has a ton of charm in person that is not captured on his pictures. To meet him is to love him.


Living Situation:  

Living it up at MPR's shelter, Duke is a champ given his circumstances. He LOVES to snuggle with volunteers and spend any time he can with people. He seems very interested in the other dogs, but in a puppy-ish, wanting to play kind of way.

Duke is no problem at all in his kennel. The medication is is currently on makes him drink and urinate more often but he uses his outside run to do his business. Since we are tapering his meds, we dont anticipate this issue to be long term. 



Duke spent a few months at the local pound before coming to our program. His solid temperament stood up to the stressful conditions and his charming personality earned the staff's admiration. We realized why as soon as we met him. He's a gentleman clown, sweet, goofy and so lovable. This dog is a real treasure and has the temperament to win over everyone he meets. A great breed ambassador. 

He has short energy spurts like a typical Pit Bull, but quickly settles down and responds well to feedback. He's a great snuggler too. Once you've settled in, he's happy to drape across your lap and will nose your hand for affection. He's such a sweetheart!

Behavior with people: 

Duke loves everyone, but especially lights up when he sees men. He's the best of both worlds - He loves to snuggle and play. 


Behavior with children:  

Duke LOVES kids and recently spent time in a home with a baby and a toddler. He did very well with them, even though he is still learning how to behave appropriately around smaller kids. He doesn't always realize his size and can be a little overwhelming to a toddler. Once he's settled down, he is gentle with them but also very interested in what they're doing. We think Duke would love a home with children that are old enough to withstand a big, happy dog. He certainly has the personality and disposition to enjoy an active family and fit right in. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Duke hasn't met other dogs yet, but seems very interested in a non-aggressive way. He may do well in a home with a compatible female but has not been introduced to other dogs since being with us. He's a happy-go-lucky kind of guy and we would not be surprised if he displayed the same positive attitude towards dogs as he does with people. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Duke was tested with a cat and showed too much interest. We don't recommend a home with cats.


Duke is housebroken and crate trained. He knows how to sit and seems very smart. We think he'd really love training! He is definitely food-motivated, responsive, and eager to learn. Nothing pleases him more than knowing he's made his loved-ones happy and proud.

Best Attribute:   

It's hard to choose which is Duke's best attribute. This gorgeous dog is the full package! He's striking, funny, snuggly, smart, fun-loving, friendly, and just the right amount of energy. Don't wait to put in your application for this cutie! Whoever takes this loverboy home will be very lucky.

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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