Little Dottie

She's little and she's dotted!
Background Info:
Dottie is itty bitty! She's barely 25 pounds and has the cutest speckled dots. She was found by a Good Samaritan in Swope Park and our intake director fell in love with her. Dottie is in a foster home, adjusting to the good life. More information as we get to know her.
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-2 years
Weight:  25 lbs
Color:  Black and white
Good with dogs:  
Good with cats:  

Health Condition:

To our knowledge, Dottie is healthy other than needing to put on a few pounds.  She is emaciated but has a hearty appetite and should gain weight easily. 

Living Situation:  

Dottie is in a foster home with two foster brothers; she's getting plenty of outside time throughout the day which is helping with potty-training.  Dottie sleeps on a doggy bed in her foster mom's room at night and lays quietly until it's time for breakfast in the morning.  She is kenneled when no one's home.


Dottie is a quick learner and is picking up on cues from her same-sized foster brother.  She happily goes outside to roam the fenced yard and comes inside when called.  She's not too jumpy, not too hyper, juuuuust right.  So far, she hasn't shown any destructive behavior (no chewing or door-scratching).  She is great with her foster brothers - one of which is old and grumpy but has warmed up to her quickly.  Dottie would be an amazing addition to any family.  She is so gentle and tiny that we can't imagine her being a problem with young children, and she isn't aggressive with other dogs so we think it's safe to say she could be in a home with a friendly male. 

​​​Behavior with people: 

She loves attention but isn't pushy about it and is so small that her nudges for belly rubs would never be considered offensive.  She loves to curl up in a ball under the blanket and burrow next to her foster mom.

Behavior with children:  

She hasn't been around children but her foster mom feels confident that she would succeed in a home with children of any age.

Behavior with other dogs:  

Dottie has become a shadow to her foster brother who is the same size at her.  He's much older and isn't interested in playing very much and she picks up on those cues immediately.  She seems like she'd love a playmate so we will welcome applicants with a friendly resident male looking for a sister to play with!

Behavior with other animals:  

There aren't any other pets in Dottie's current home but she has no reaction to squirrels or cats that she sees in the neighborhood.  Of course, there is no guarantee, but we think Dottie would be okay in a home with cats.


Dottie is eager to please and learns quickly.  She listens without any problems and is working on simple commands but it's obvious she hasn't had any training before.​

Best Attribute:   

Dottie is sweet as pie!

She is clearly longing for a home life and is mimicking pet-like behavior from her foster brothers.  She is so excited to learn what's it like to be an indoor spoiled pet and is having tons of fun with simple things like kongs, nylabones, peanut butter treats, tennis balls...even though Dottie is out of her puppy phase, she didn't get to experience these simple joys in her puppyhood and is in awe of everything now.  We can't wait to see Dottie thrive in a furever home!

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