A three foot tall house-elf with bat like ears and green eyes the size of tennis balls. Dobby was the resident house-elf of Malfoy Manor, serving Lucius Malfoy, his wife Narcissa, and their only son Draco.

Background Info:


Dobby and his mother landed at the city pound recently, and little guy was transferred to foster care. We are still trying to make room for his mother. 

Below is all the info we have as of now. We will update his bio as we know more but chances are he will be adopted before we have a chance to get to it. Dont wait too long or he will be gone.


UPDATE: We already have a few applications in process for the little guy but we have plenty more homeless dogs dreaming of the same chance you wanted to give Dobby. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  8 weeks
Weight:  Growing
Color:  Blue brindle & White

Health Condition:

Neutered. Up to date on vaccination and healthy. 

Physical Description:  

Blue brindle. Big bat ears. He IS too cute for words! 


Living Situation:  

Fostered in a home with an adult Pit Bull.

We anticipate many applications for puppy Dobby. We will do our best to respond to all of them but it could be up to a week. Applications are processed in order they arrive and according to compatibility. Once we have enough applications in process, we will send you a link to our other dogs. 

Please keep in mind there's only 1 Dobby but we have many more dogs available for adoption as irresistible as this little guy, just a few months older... Dobby won't always be a puppy either...



Info coming soon

Behavior with people: 

Info coming soon


Behavior with children:  

Unknown or info coming soon


Behavior with other dogs:  

Unknown or info coming soon


Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown or info coming soon



Info coming soon

Best Attribute:   

Info coming soon

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