Some believe the word "Dixie" refers to a currency originally from the French Quarter of New Orleans. A ten-dollar bill labeled "Dix", French for "ten. The bills were known as "Dixies" and the French-speaking parts of Louisiana came to be known as "Dixieland".

We were appalled when a small town city shelter contacted us this October to inform us that a dog we rescued *9* years ago and placed a year later, had just been surrendered by her family. Owner didn't try to contact us, nothing. They just abandoned Dixie at the pound, claiming they were moving and could not take her with them.... The only reason the shelter found us is because they scanned her and her microchip led to us.


Dixie was completely distressed when we picked her up, almost in a state of panic, and it took a few days for her to calm down and get over this horrible experience she had just been through. She is now doing very well and has spent most of her time sleeping and trying to recuperate from this horrific ordeal.

ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Mix
Sex:  Female
Age:  Senior
Weight:  40 lbs.
Color: White with Black Spot
Good with dogs: N/A
Good with cats: N/A

Health Condition:

Dixie has minor senior-dog related issues and was in bad shape when we got her from the pound. She was too thin and had a bad ear infection. The rest is nothing serious or abnormal for her age. Dixie is almost deaf and she is starting to develop cataracts. She needs a dental. She has a few lumps but her blood work came back just fine. The Vet believes she is doing pretty well for her age, which we estimated between 10 and 14.  


We are raising money for her dental care. She might need a few extractions. The procedure could cost anywhere between $200 and $500 depending on how bad her teeth are. If you can help Dixie with her dental visit, please donate for her care.

Living Situation:

Dixie is fostered in a home with several other dogs. She was slowly introduced to the pack and is doing well with most of them. All the dogs are kept separate if no one is home. There is a fenced yard in her foster home. She has not tried to jump the fence but is never left outside unsupervised. Dixie sleeps in bed with her foster parents. She requires frequent trips to outside but will let you know when she has to go. Dixie does not handle being in a crate well.



Dixie is friendly and fun-loving despite being a senior citizen. She spends a lot of time sleeping but she loves to hang out with people and the other dogs. She is pretty easy considering what she's been through but she has anxiety when left alone.. All she wants is a comfortable spot to rest; couch, bed, doggy cushion, anything will do if it's comfy.  


Dixie does have anxiety and she panics when confined to a crate. She also has anxiety when no one is home and will scratch door frames. Foster parents work from home so its a good situation for her. She needs someone who is home a lot. 


Note that Dixie is a pit mix and with age, some of her pit bull features such as a blocky head, muscular body, etc, have faded away. She might be approved in municipalities with BSL. Dixie weights 40Lbs. She is not very big.


Behavior with people: 

Friendly with everyone. Doesn’t seem to have a problem with people at all. She is comfortable with strangers and outgoing with all. We remember her as a total social butterfly in her younger years.

Dixie is sweet but not overly affectionate. She seems a little guarded, though she is opening up more and more with her foster family. 

Dixie will tell you when she's hungry or needs to go outside. Because she is hard-hearing she doesn't always come when called. We believe it's a combination of not hearing well and being a little stubborn. She is learning though and seems to follow what ever the other dogs are doing. 


Behavior with children: 

She has not been exposed to children since being back in our care. We don’t know if she lived with kids the last 8 years. Due to her age however, we will not place her with toddlers or active/exuberant children.


Behavior with other dogs: 

There are 7 other dogs in Dixie's foster home, ranging from a 15 lbs Pekingese to a 125Lbs American Bulldog. She does well with easy-going dogs. Will play a little bit but will soon settle and rest. She seems more comfortable with dogs her size and larger. The little dogs trigger her curiosity and she's a little pushy with them. She gets along better with the males. 

Dixie has been sleeping in bed with her foster parents and some of the other dogs with no problem. 


Behavior with other animals: 

She seems to have a mild prey drive. A home without cats is preferred.



Not much training but she is housebroken. She is well behaved for the most part but struggles when left alone. Since she can't go in a crate a family needs to be prepared to deal with her anxiety when no one is home. 

Best Attribute: 

Dixie is old, she sleeps a lot, she's not the prettiest... There's really not much about her. How can we convince someone to adopt her? Dixie's only wish is to finish her days in a loving home. It's true that she doesn’t have much to offer; She can't play much, can't go on long walks, can't hear you when you call her, is losing her eyesight and might not be around for many more years, but there has to be someone out there who doesn’t believe her condition is a reason to overlook her. Dixie is a sweetheart and she just suffered a terrible blow when her family abandoned her like old trash. She now has to share limited time in a home with several other dogs. She deserves better than that.... We can only hope someone will see the beauty in her old eyes and give her the chance to prove how worthy she is, even if she's not a cute puppy anymore....

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