Dara is a female name in Bulgaria and Macedonia. Its meaning directly derives from "dar", which means "gift"
Dara came to us in the middle of a frigid spell after being confiscated by animal control for being kept freezing outside, without shelter.   She was thin, scared and showed signs of mistreatment. The second we met her it was love at first sight. Her begging eyes melted our heart and we were smitten.  
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Weight:   50-60 lbs.
Color:  Blue
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Living Situation:  

Dara is in an indoor/outdoor kennel at our shelter, learning the ins and outs of housetraining. We don’t believe she’s ever been in a house before but good house manners are coming to her quickly. She definitely longs for the day that she will have free reign of a comfy couch or a sun-soaked porch to relax on, as she loves attention and doesn’t want to be isolated.



Dara is the sweetest, most gentle soul. She is timid at first but it doesn't stop her one bit to giving her heart as soon as she meets someone. This beauty couldn’t possibly be any sweeter.  She loves to cuddle and play calmly – once she has her full level of energy back, we know she will be a silly, playful girl that we get hints of sometimes.


Behavior with adults:

Dara is a naive love-bug who will fall in love with  just about anyone, even those she should not. She is very needy for affection, reassurance and cuddles. Not the independent type dog. She will follow you around everywhere, and is even reluctant to go outside on her own. She will need a patient and understanding owner, willing to help her realise that she can relax now, and learn to just be happy as she will never be unloved again. 


Behavior with children:

Dara is a gentle paw-giver and should be a great addition to any family with children.


Behavior with other dogs:

Dara will likely do best in a home without other dogs, although, with proper management, she may be eligible to live with a friendly brother. For now, we believe she would prefer being an only pet as the sight of other dogs at the shelter seems to make her nervous. We don’t know what happened to her before. She might have been over bred and possibly not always with her consent.



We know Dara is smart and eager to please so training should be a piece of cake once she feels well.  She loves peanut butter and her Nylabones, so we know treats are the key to her heart. 


Best Attribute:  

She is so expressive and hilarious!  She will literally wrap her paws around your neck and give you the biggest pittie hug you could ask for.  It’s almost as if she is saying ‘FINALLY, SOMEBODY TO LOVE!’

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