Danny Boy

Danny was found as a stray at 8 weeks old in southeast MO. The kind heart that found him took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with parvo. After 5 days in the vet's care he was a healthy puppy again. She decided after all that he had been through she would keep him. However, because of her work situation she was gone a lot. She still loves him very much but knows Danny deserves more time and attention than she could give him.
ID Number: #28290797
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Mix Breed
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 7 to 11 months
Weight: 40 lbs. (and growing) 
Color: Brindle
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: Possibly

Note that we believe Danny-Boy could be a "Dutch Shepherd" mix or perhaps an "Australian Cattle Dog" mix. He might have some Pit Bull and/or Boxer in him but probably not predominantly. 

Foster Situation: Danny Boy is fostered in a home with other dogs. We take him out on a leash and he does his business very quickly. As far as the kennel, we only put him in when we are not home. He will go in just fine with a coaxing of a treat. Danny sleeps on his dog bed, beside our bed (most times he gets in bed with us).


Danny is very much a people-dog and will follow you wherever you go. He loves to go on walks, but we're still doing some leash training. He loves to swim and play in the water and isn't afraid to jump in a fountain! He likes to go on car rides and loves sticking his head out the window and letting those big beautiful ears flap in the wind. Danny Boy would be ideal for a younger, active family. He'd make a great running partner.  


Personality: Danny-Boy is silly and loves to greet you at the door when you come home and give you morning kisses to help wake you up. He loves attention and loves to give you attention.  Did I mention he's a kissy-face? So if you're not a fan of dog kisses you might want to pass! He also does this thing where he nibbles on your lip when he gives you kisses. Not quite sure why he does this but it doesn't hurt. He's a pretty brave boy, he's always right there with everyone, finding out what's going on.


Behavior with people: As previously mentioned, Dan-O loves people! He loves to give kisses and cuddle as well as play a game of tug-of-war. Whenever we are on walks or go to the pet-store he is eager to meet new people, usually greeting them with lots of kisses. He takes treats gently from everyone and is in the process of learning how to catch one in the air. He is very smart!
Behavior with children: Dannys is fostered with a 21 month old toddler and he loves him. He is very careful around him when playing and has never knocked him over or hurt him in any way.


Behavior with other dogs:  Danny Boy is awesome with our other two "bully" breeds. We have a 4 year old Boxer and a 5 year old pit mix. Danny and our boxer play, play, play!! Our mix will jump in every once in a while. Danny thinks all the food and treats are his, so right now we are trying to teach him that they all have separate bowls and he's picking up on it. Our female boxer is actually the alpha at our house and Danny learned his role pretty quickly with her. Most of the time he is very playful but he has been known to be a cuddle bug. 
Behavior with other pets: We have cat and at first he was very curious about him but now he leaves him alone. He might get excited and decide he wants to chase him but he has never hurt him and will stop when we call his name. 


Training: Danny Boy is house broken and will stay in a crate when we are not home. He is a vrry smart dog and has already learned "sit" in the very short time with us. 


Best Attribute: Physically, when you first see Danny Boy you notice his rabbit like ears standing up like a satellite. Then you look closer and see his striking brindle coat! He is a very unique looking boy who brings a smile in everyone's face when they see him. When you meet him you notice his second best attribute, how fun-loving he his. This little boy has stolen my heart with his positive attitide. He is still a little rambunctious (with a non-stop wagging tail) but underneath all that excitement is a boy who wants to love and be loved.
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