Deliciously soft and sweet. The name "Crinkle" refers to how the powdered sugar "crinkles" or "cracks" as the cookies bake. There's nothing better than kissing this sweet boy on his crinkly forehead. 
Background Info: 
Crinkle was found as a stray and surprisingly, never claimed. We actually believe this might be a good thing for him. We don't think Crinkle came from a very loving home. We promised to find him a much better family this time. 
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull  mix
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  60 - 70 lbs
Color:  Buckskin
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

Crinkle is healthy, neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and ready to find his forever home.


Living Situation:  

Crinkle is currently at MPR’s shelter being a real gentleman and charmer. He keeps his kennel clean and seems house-trained. He patiently waits for his turn, is quiet in his kennel and very well behaved. Crink is not destructive of his toys and bedding and doesn't react to the presence of other dogs around him. Crinkle does well in the yard but much prefers being inside with people. He might be a bit of a couch potato.



Crinkle is a big goofy, very loving guy!  He is somewhat needy for attention but won't pester you about it. He's just not a very independent dog. He has no anxiety when in his kennel, however. 


Crink's level of energy is medium. He likes to goof around for a few minutes, maybe play with a toy, even do a few zoomies, but cuddling is by far his favorite activity. 


Crinkle is a ladies man and we stress it! A total Casanova who has all our female volunteers head over heels in love with him. With that said, Crinkle is reserved and even a little standoffish with men. He does warm up but he seems to have had negative experiences with human males before. He needs a little time to trust men, which is not the case when it comes to women at all. 


Once he's comfortable with you, Crinkly likes to play for a few minutes and goof around. He’s the perfect amount of energy; Play or walk for a little while, but then it’s time to chill, hang out and cuddle. He loves snuggling on the couch at the shelter, watching Netflix at the end of the day and give a ton of kisses. He's a very affectionate boy, calm and laid back.



Behavior with people: 

When it comes to his interaction with women, this hunky boy would put Don Juan to shame. He absolutely adores the ladies and they can't resist his charm either.  While he's a loyal loverboy, we think he could be a little protective of his mom if adopted in a  home with a single woman. This is something to keep in consideration.


With men, Crinkles warms up once he knows he can trust them. He's actually better around men if he's alone with them. He will get cuddly and enjoy a good belly rub but it takes him a little longer to relax in their presence.  If there's a woman in the room, he turns into a big baby and wants to get in mom's lap.


Behavior with children:  

Crinkle hasn’t met any kids since being with us. We have a feeling he would be great with "his" kids but could be protective of them. He might be a little too unsure to do well in a home with toddlers.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Crinkle hasn’t met any other dogs yet and doesn't seem very interested in making doggy friends. He shows no aggression towards them but is not very eager to socialize with his peers either. We think this big lovable goof might be better as an only pet. We won't rule out a home with a compatible female, but proper introductions and supervision will be a must. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Crinkle hasn’t been around any cats or small animals yet. 



Crinkle has been enjoying the nice weather and showing off his leash walking skills with volunteers. He's a favorite to take on walks. He keeps his kennel clean and uses the doggy door to potty outside. Crink is not destructive of his bed what's so ever and is allowed to have pillows and cushions. 


Best Attribute:   

There’s just something special about this dog! Crinkle looks very unique and your eyes just gravitate towards him. He's a big sweetheart and an expert cuddler. The big sweetheart is very, very charming and hard to resist. We know he has the potential to make someone a wonderful companion. 

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