Cookie Monster

"Sometimes Me Think, 'What is Friend?' and then me say, 'Friend is someone to share the last cookie with.'"
~Cookie Monster
MPR received a plea from the local shelter and when meeting him and looking into his eyes we couldn't say no.
Meet “Cookie Monster”. This dog is big…. and we mean, BIG! Cookie Monster currently weights 98 lbs and he is underweight, borderline emaciated… He will probably be well over 110 lbs when back in shape. Most likely close to 120 lbs. This is TWICE the size of an average Pit Bull.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Sex:  Male
Weight:  98 lbs.
Color: Blue and White
Good with dogs:  Some
Good with cats:  Unknown

People who adopt a dog his size need to be prepared to handle the cost of food, heartworm prevention, giant dog beds, more expensive vet care, etc. Please think about it. Cookie Monster has been neglected enough in his life. He needs the best possible care now, and this will include the right kind of diet for such large dog. 


Living Situation:

Currently staying at our shelter, Cookie has a toddler bed (because he's too big for our dog beds!) and access to an indoor/outdoor kennel. 



Cookie is a big (big!) baby who is not a fan of being by himself and will try his hardest to find a way to get to the volunteers by any means necessary. He's a bit of an escape artist and will need a home with a tall fence and a SECURE yard. He's a smart fella and may need to not be let outside alone, at least until he knows where home is. 


Behavior with people: 

He is the definition of gentle giant. He wants to be touching you if at all possible, preferably with his head on your lap. This guy has so much love to give and he is nothing if not determined to let you know! 


Behavior with children: 



Behavior with other dogs: 

We're still getting to know him, but so far he is not very reactive to the other dogs in their kennels.


Behavior with other animals: 




We are working with Cookie on feeling safe and secure in his new environment. He is learning that his new home is a fun place full of people who love him and will give him as many snuggles as he can handle. 


Best Attribute: 

He is so striking to look at, he'll turn heads wherever he goes, but his heart matches his size and that is definitely what will make you fall in love with our big guy. 

This dog needs a Bully Hero - Click here to help this sweetheart!
Can't adopt but want to help? Every dollar makes a difference!



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