Toki was picked up as a stray by Animal Control. He's currently in a foster home with KC Pet Project.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age:  2.5 y/o
Weight: 62 lbs.
Color: Black and White
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: No

Living Situation: He's in a foster home with the Main KC Pet Project Shelter Location 4400 Raytown Rd, KCMO. Because he was a stray we aren't aware that he's lived with other pets before. He did well on his Dog's Day Out in my backyard with the privacy fence. On leash he pulls, he could use some additional training for leash manners. He does amazing in the car! Jumps right in and lays down. He's quiet the entire ride.


Personality: Toki is outgoing and silly. He's a happy and playful boy. He's a big puppy who will spontaneously be cuddly during playtime. He's hyper and high energy, but self-entertaining. He's in the middle of dominant and submissive. He does have a high prey drive and isn't fond of other cats or dogs. He loves playing with stuffed squeaky toys and tearing the stuffing out of them. He can play fetch for hours. And he enjoys peanut butter Kongs after playtime.


Behavior with people: His behavior with staff, volunteers, and potential adopters is great. He's very friendly with people and just loves to play. An ideal living situation for Toki would be to be a one and only pet in a home with adults, and older children because of his size and play style. It would also be ideal for him to have a backyard with a privacy fence, he's high energy, but self-entertaining so an active family would be great otherwise if he has toys he can entertain himself.


Behavior with other pets: Toki isn't fond of other pets. He is dog reactive and does best away from other dogs. He isn't fond of cats either.


Training: He is currently part of C.L.A.S.S - Canine Learning and Social Skills program at the shelter. He is learning basic skills and other fun tricks focused on positive reinforcement. He is kennel trained. He is a pro at 'sit', 'shake', and 'lay down'. He's learning kennel on cue, hand targeting, giving eye contact, and responding to his name. The trainers say he's doing very well. He's responsive and treat motivated.


Best Attribute: It's easy to fall in love with Toki, not only because he's extremely handsome, but because he can be so happy and content with something as simple as a tennis ball. Whether he's chewing on it or playing fetch, he loves his tennis ball and I love spending that quality time with him. He's smart and extremely treat motivated which would make training him new commands and tricks easier. He loves showing off his basic commands for treats!


Overall, Toki is just a big puppy with lots of energy because he's kenneled majority of the day. He'd be content with some stuffed toys and a tennis ball, whether or not you want to play fetch with him or just let him chew on the toys. A privacy fenced backyard would be ideal because if a neighbor has a dog, Toki can't see the dog and is less likely to react to the dog barking at him. He'll stop what he's doing for a treat and he's eager to show off how well he knows 'sit' and 'shake', and if he thinks that isn't good enough, he'll lay down for you. This boy constantly has a smile, and is so appreciative of the quality time he gets with those who take him out to play. I go to the shelter before playgroups in the mornings just so that I can take him to the play yards and he can get a lot of his energy out. We play fetch and run sprints across the play yards. He's quiet and lays down during car rides. This boy deserves a forever home!


Please email for more information or to adopt Toki.

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