I saw Tehya and her "brother" story through a facebook plea that if they where saved, they needed a foster home ASAP because boarding was TOO full.  They were picked up in a little town that had a breed ban.  This was the 3rd time they were found running loose.  It was no fault of their own, but irresponsible pet owners.  We do know she had been in a home with children.  Both dogs where rescued the evening before they were scheduled to be put to sleep.  LUCKY dogs and SO SO worth it!!!!  She was in good condition, so it seems she was well taken care of.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Age:  8 Months
Weight: 56 lbs.
Color: Blue/tan w/ white 
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Probably not
Living Situation: Tehya is in our home with another female pit and 2 children.  Tehya LOVES to play but also loves to sleep on our soft couch or bed.  Her name really fits her perfect.  Tehya means "Precious".  Precious is really the perfect way to describe her.  We do not have cats but we do have chickens and a guinea pig.  We have to watch her carefully around both.  I would say a home WITH OUT cats or small animals would be best.  She does great on the leash.  She is great for car rides also.  She rode in the back part of our Jeep and did great.  We are still crate training her, so she stays in her wire kennel at night and during the day when we are not home.  She does great in it but she likes to make "snow" with her comforter or towels we put in with her.  ~LOL

She really is a great dog and we have thought about adopting her ourselves.  The only reason why we won't is because that would mean we can't help other dogs in need.  We wouldn't be able to foster more and we feel there is a special and great home out there for Tehya.  She will make the special family very lucky!! 
Personality: The top things I'd say about Tehya if you'd ask about her personality is:  A cuddle bug, Loves kids, goof ball, wants to please you. She likes to play but she really is more on the lazy side of things.  Once she is sleeping on the couch or bed, she is like 'slug'.  LOL  She really doesn't want to move and if you she has to it is VERY slow motion.  It makes us laugh every time.  You do have to keep in mind she is still young and has some learning and growing to do.  We couldn't have asked for a better foster dog to have in our home though.   
I know I already said it, but Tehya really is a great girl.  We have considered keeping her for ourselves but something is telling me there is a home out there that needs a dog just like her!  Is that YOU?


Behavior with adults and children: Tehya is very friendly with people.  Her behavior is sweet and you will love her once you meet her.  You will always find her at your feet or beside you where ever you go in the house. She LOVES kids!!!  You can tell she is very attached to kids.  My 7 year old can take Tehya for walks around the town.  If the kids are in the yard playing, she wants to be out with them.

Behavior with other pets: Since we have had her, she is great with our other dog.  Our other dog wants to be dominant with Tehya and Tehya gives in.  She really is great!  I'd say a home with out small animals would be best. 


Training: Tehya is a very smart girl and catches on very fast.  With in 2 weeks she learned to sit for a treat and she sits before we set her food dish down.  I'd say she is 90% house trained.  Since we have had her, she has only had 4 accidents in the house.  She does great in her create also.  She doesn't know any tricks yet, but I'm sure she'd love to learn.  She is very smart! She just wants to please.


Best Attribute: Once you see Tehya in person, her looks are STUNNING!!  She is beautiful!!!  Tehya really has something special to offer/give a family/person.  I love this girl and really hope she can find a family/person that feels the same way.  If you want a dog who is by your side, looks out for you and you have attention to give, she is the one!  Tehya is a great girl!

If you're interested in adopting Tehya or for more information please contact Becky Bentley at  luvyourpit@yahoo.com or call 785-766-5140

Can't adopt but want to help? Every dollar makes a difference!



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