We went into the Humane Society not quite sure what we wanted.  We liked Tango immediately.  When we rescued her the worker told us she'd been there less than thirty minutes.  There were other families looking at her as well.  She was a very popular puppy.
Breed:  Am. Staff/Doberman/Mix
Sex: Female
Age:  7.5 months
Weight: 29 lbs.
Color: Brown
Good with dogs: Yes, most
Good with cats: She chases them, but doesn't try to hurt them
​DNA Results - October 2016 (image included in Slideshow above)
37.5% American Stafforshire Terrier
 25%   Doberman Pinscher
12.5% Australian Cattle Dog
12.5% Labrador Retreiver
12.5% Mixed Breed Groups
We love her very much, but we cannot keep her.  We travel between the US and Turkey frequently, and there are many rules in place that make getting Tango in and out of Turkey risky, because she's a pit-mix.  We'd rather her not carry that risk.

We've kept her in our apartment, bringing her down for potty several times a day.  She's very hyper, and I feel she'd be happy in a home where she can spend a lot of time outdoors (for example, a place with a fenced yard where she could spend an hour or two a day.)  She's was a little wild on the leash, trying to pull us wherever she wanted to smell.  We switched to a pinch collar and a gentle tug is enough to keep her calm.  She loves the car and will now run to it and jump in, knowing we're ready for a trip.  She loves the dog park (but is still a little timid at big dogs), and took her first plunge into the lake just a week ago.

She hasn't had any training.  We do crate her.  She sleeps with us at night, and loves it.  If she gets hyper at night I put her in the crate and she sleeps soundly until morning.

She knows how to 'sit', but you have to say it in Turkish!  I think she also understand 'go' and 'come', again in Turkish.  We can teach you those if you'd like :)

She's spent a week being 'baby sat' by a family with  kids, and they got along very well.

She's growing fast and changing all the time.  She's been very hyper lately, bringing me the ball constantly so I can throw it.  As I've said, she is timid, but once she knows a person or animal she's very loving.  This dog's best trait is love.
 If interested in adopting Tango please contact: The Davis family, 785-979-5429, davisfamily@edgetera.net
Can't adopt but want to help? Every dollar makes a difference!



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