Sunny was abandoned at a farm near our house.  She would greet us and started following us when we walked our dog past the farm and we brought her home when we learned that she had been abandoned.  We had her spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and dewormed.  She is on flea/tick and heartworm preventative.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Age:  3-4 yrs
Weight:  50 lbs.
Color: Black with white
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: No

Living Situation: Sunny is a sweet girl looking for her forever home!  She loves people and is good with both men and women.  We don’t have children but when our 4-year-old niece visited for the weekend she was fantastic with her. 


We live in the country and do not have a fenced in yard, but Sunny listens very well and because she is so attached to people, she always sticks close by.  When we take her on walks we use a harness, she is very strong!  I think some formal training would go a long way with her.  She generally walks ok on a leash unless there is another animal or car and then she will pull from her excitement. She is very energetic (squeaker toys watch out!) and can play with toys for hours without slowing down.  We have taken her jogging several times but she is definitely more of a sprinter and prefers short bursts of running around our yard.


She does very well in the car and prefers to sit in the passenger seat or the backseat.  If she is all the way in the back of an suv/van it will be a bit of a noisy trip!  When we are not home and at night she is in a dog crate.  She does fantastic in a crate!  She will curl up and sleep and not have any accidents.  We have boarded her when we have been out of town and she has done well, the boarding facility workers love her!


Her ideal living situation will be one where she can be the princess dog.  She seems to love all people and prefers to be the only pet to be spoiled!  


Personality: Sunny is only shy when you first approach her, within moments she will want to be your best friend.  She loves physical contact with people and being petted.  She is pretty high energy and rambunctious, she can play with squeaky toys and tennis balls for hours.  She loves a good snuggly spot. When we gave her her first dog bed she was in heaven, I don’t think she had ever had a comfy spot to sleep.  


Behavior with people and children: Sunny loves people!  She has been great with all of our friends and family that have visited, men, women and children.  She is even friendly towards the UPS driver!


Behavior with dogs and pets: Sunny does prefer to be the only pet.  We have 3 cats and 1 dog and because Sunny has demonstrated a strong prey instinct towards our cats, we have not allowed them to interact.  She is also dominant with our dog and though she has not been outwardly aggressive towards him, she likes to show that she is in charge.  She may eventually be able to live with a compatible dog, but it will take some time, training, and patience.


Training: Sunny knows the command “sit.”  She is great in a crate and loves to just curl up in a dog bed and sleep.  She rarely has an accident in her crate.  She can be a bit stubborn, and prefers to play keep away with her toys instead of fetch! 


Best Attribute: She is a sweet, sweet girl that loves people.  She just wants to be around you and play.  Her tail is constantly going and her smile will make you fall in love!

For more information about adopting Sunny please contact Erin O’Connor,, 314-974-9764

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