Sally was an owner-surrender to the local pound in Scott City, Kansas.  There is a small group of individuals in the community that attempt to foster out the dogs brought in to the pound while seeking placement in rescue organizations.  Sally was in the pound for approx. 3 months and about to be euthanized when a community member recognized her and reached out to her current foster family to save her from euthanasia. 
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Age:  4-5 yrs
Weight: 65 lbs.
Color: Black w/ white star on chest
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: Supervised
It was believe at the time Sally was aggressive because of her deep/strong bark and her anxiety from her extended stay in the pound kennel, she was skinny and scarred.  Once removed from that environment Sally thrived.  The community member expressed that Sally had two prior owners both with abusive behaviors.  Sally had been drug behind cars on multiple occasions, forced to drag chains and tires, and frequently locked in a small room for days on end without the love and affection she deserved.  

Sally was moved into her current foster home with 3 children ages 3, 12, and 13 a little over one year ago.  The household had 3 other dogs varying in size and age.  One small Terrier, one Pit-Bull Terrier, and one Great Pyrenees and two cats.   As stated above Sally has dominant tendencies and was not properly socialized.  The other pit-bull in the home and she must be separated at all times, she still resides and socializes with the Great Pyrenees and a small Shih tzu but they are never left unsupervised alone.  She tolerates the cats and chases them but is quickly corrected.  She loves to play and is separated from the other dogs when she wants to play because she prefers to have all of the attention.

Sally has frequently been kenneled at the vet when we are on vacation and has had no reported incidents.  She mostly ignores the animals that have crossed her path in these outings.  I have taken her to a local park where she was quite interested in keeping an eye on my kiddos I got the sense she was acting as their “nanny” for which the breed is so well-known for.   Several children of all ages came up to her, of course I kept her close, and she was very well-mannered.  
We do not provide any formal training, she knew basic commands when she came to us such as come, sit, go outside and she is an incredibly quick learner with consistency she can pick up on new direction within a matter of days.  She is housebroken and has never had a single accident in the house, She does not tolerate being crated/kenneled as it causes her great kennel anxiety. When she has been placed in indoor kennels she either uses her tongue to unlock the gate and she has also moved so much that she makes the kennel collapse in on itself.  We have an outdoor kennel that is accessible via doggie door but she is able to easily scale the 6’ chain link fencing.  

Sally is a very sweet girl and eager to please, she is timid with loud noises and cautious with raised voices, this is improving since our house is like a zoo and we are just a loud family.  Sally is one of the smartest and sweetest dogs I have ever had the opportunity to foster and she deserves a home where she has no competition and can be the center of attention!  She loves to be a part of the family and does excellent on car rides, she would thrive with a family that can take her and go as often as possible!!

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