Originally, Rosie was found chained outside without food and water, about 5 years ago in Topeka. She was probably 6 months old, and completely bald. She was picked up by animal control, and taken to a clinic. A vet tech took quickly to her, and she was adopted by her current home and nursed back to health.
Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Female
Age:  5 y/o
Weight: 45 lbs.
Color: Red
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: NO
No one knows how she ended up chained and abandoned, or what happened in her life up until that point. Her current family is heartbroken to part with her, but has to due to life changes that make having a medium-sized dog not feasible. She is looking for a happy warm home and place to put her chew bone.
Health Condition: Rosie is happy and healthy!! She is fixed, takes heartworm prevention monthly, and has her 5 year teeth cleaning done. She does take one pill twice a day for anxiety. When she is anxious she just gets more high-strung, and paces around or drinks water compulsively (probably due to being left outside without water when she was first rescued).
Living Situation: Rosie loves car rides and walks! Currently, she is in her home with a fully fenced-in yard where she can run, and loves the exercise! She is in a neighborhood with plenty of dogs in the neighborhood, and will rarely bark back at other dogs, and will pay other dogs little attention when on walks. Car rides are her favorite - even long 3-4 hour car trips are great for her. She is strong on a leash, but once she gets some energy out she's great. She would love a partner to take her on runs!
Personality: Rosie is a lover. She wants more than anything to get affection and snuggles, and knows when a person is sick or sad. She gets very excited when visitors come over, and immediately wants to see who will pet her and who she can cuddle with! She does love to play, and also loves to sleep. Put out any blanket and she will find it and cuddle into it. She has grown up and is no longer afraid of thunder, and loves baths. She even has been known to love the slip-and-slide, and will stand in line with the people to go down it!


Behavior with people: Rosie just wants affection from adults! She needs commands and almost seeks for adults to show her what to do and be her alpha.

Behavior with children: Rosie has done very well around older children, including a whole soccer team of girls petting her. Since she is so high-energy and so playful, we do monitor with children. She has not been around many small, young babies or children, and we think probably would be more suited to a home with older children or adults.


Behavior with other dogs: Rosie has spent time with other dogs minimally, and her reaction to them always depends on the dog. She has never lived in a home with other dogs, and was not socialized as a puppy.


Behavior with other animals: Rosie has a high prey drive, and would not do well in a home with any cats or small animals. She has been around smaller dogs when she coexists well, but at some point her prey drive does kick in.


Training: Rosie is very easy to train on basic commands. She can sit, shake, lay down, roll over, play dead, speak when told to "Use your words," can sit with a treat in front of her until told she can have it, and can keep a treat on her nose. She knows the command "Easy" when she needs to take a treat gently, or be gentle in general. She's trained on where she can sit on the couch, and to ask to go outside or come in. She is housebroken, and will not have accidents once she is used to a home, if ever. She is less responsive once her instincts kick in and she is trying to protect her yard or her house by barking at the door.


Best Attribute: You can tell that Rosie knows what is going on around her and responds emotionally. She really is a sweetheart, and is loved by so many. Her eyes and face say it all!

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