Rosie was picked up by a good Samaritan after being hit by a car and dropped off at the vet. She had substantial injuries that were treated by the wonderful team at Northland Animal Hospital.

Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age:  1-3 Years
Weight: 40 lbs.
Color: Red and white
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: Yes
Rosie was never claimed and is still at the vet, dreaming of a loving home. She's been there two months already. Rosie is healthy and happy. She will need some supplements and a small amount of medication to help her in her rehab. After having surgery on her back leg she is working on building muscle in the back legs.
Living Situation:  Rosie is in a foster home and is a great dog to have in the house. She gets along great with everyone. She doesn't really care about the other dog in the house but will play with her when she wants to. They eat together with no issues and share a water dish. There are toys and bones in the house that they share and we haven't had any problems. Rosie loves the kids in the house. When they are on the floor she will come lay on them and cuddle. Her favorite place to cuddle is on the couch with a human. When we go outside to potty she does fine on her leash with some pulling. She is great off leash, stays close and comes when called. We haven't had any issues with accidents in the house and within the first day she learned to go sit by the door and let out a small whine when she wants out. Rosie is relaxed in the car once we get going. She does have a little bit of nerves at first. At night Rosie sleeps in her kennel. There is a small amount of protest from her but after 1 - 2 minutes she is quiet and goes right to sleep. I think Rosie would be the happiest in a family with kids. She loves being around people and wants to cuddle as much as possible. She does need a family that will be active with her to help build up her muscle in her legs.    
Personality:  Rosie is a all around happy girl. She is eager to please and just wants to be close to someone. She is able to lay by herself and be independent.

Behavior with people:  Rosie is great when meeting people and dogs. She walks up with a tale wag and some sniffs. 

Behavior with children:  She has been amazing with the kids. She is not overly rambunctious. She will sit on their laps and give kisses while they pet her at first, then she will just lay down and chill out.

Behavior with other dogs:   Around other dogs she is fine. She sniffs and then goes about her business. She will correct them if they are too much, but she doesn't over correct. She hasn't been introduced to small dogs yet.

Behavior with other pets:   She has been around a cat at the animal hospital and doesn't care about her at all. Doesn't show interest and leaves her alone.


Training: She is housebroken, kennel trained, knows sit, speak, and "paw" (shake), she is great off leash and is eager to please.

Best Attribute: Rosie's best trait is the amount of love she wants to give. After everything she has been though she just wants to be close to her person.

For more information or if interested in adopting Rosie please contact clinic staff at 816-746-1333 or

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