I just couldn't say no when I saw this sweet boy's face and knew the living conditions he was in.  Romeo was rescued from a home where they had 8 dogs living in the house, multiple children and a house full of people that came and went.  It wasn't the best living situation or living environment. 
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Neutered Male
Age:  4 Months
Weight: 25.5 lbs. and growing
Color: Cream/White
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: Unknown
He did come from a home where the kids loved him, you can tell that.  He had an 11 year old girl who was his caretaker. The family is moving, very little money, and he needed a better environment to grown up in.  He smelled awful of smoke, urine and feces, had fleas and was loaded with tape worms and round worms.
Living Situation: Romeo is now in a foster home with 2 other dogs.  One is a female pit and the other is an 11 pound terrier male dog.  They are teaching him some good house/dog manners and Romeo respects that.  He is really adapting well.  Romeo also has two little girls to give him attention. He is great with them and you can normally find him laying right under their feet/next to the couch with them.  He even gets spoiled and loves to take naps on their bed with them.  We do have a 6 ft privacy fence.  We have just started getting him use to a leash and he does very good so far.  He does just fine riding in a vehicle also.  He was a little nervous at first but did relax.  We will start walking as a group once the weather gets a little better.  

During the day while we are gone, he stays in a wire crate.  Over night we put him in a wire crate also, this is to help with the potty training.  We feel the ideal living situation for Romeo would be a house with kids because he seems very attached to them, BUT he is so easy going, I would be happy in any home that shows him love.
Personality: Romeo is outgoing for the most part.  If you are brand new, he is a little shy but he warms up quickly.  He gets a little grumpy if other dogs come up to him when he is eating.  We think that is just because he has had to defend for his food all his life in his previous house.  He acts like he is starving when you feed him.  We feel that too will get better in time, when he realizes he will get feed every day and he doesn't have to fight for food.  Romeo is a goof ball also, when he wants to play.  He really is a great little cuddlier.


Behavior with people:   Romeo is very friendly with people once he knows you are 'OK'.  He is your typical puppy.  We have noticed that when new people come to the house, he is scared at first.  He just goes into the other room and peeks around the corner to see if it's ok with us, then he will come out.  I'm guessing this is a puppy thing and possibly from the house he came from, there where many people in/out and different men in and out.  That could be why he is hesitant at first.  We are unsure how things where handled at the previous home but we are guessing it may not have been all love and cuddles.
Behavior with children: He enjoys peoples attention.  Romeo LOVES kids!  He really is easy to fall in love with, so his name is very fitting!


Behavior with other dogs and pets:  Romeo is use to other dogs and he does great with other our two dogs in the foster home.  We do have chickens but he hasn't been able to interact with them.  We will work on that and have an update for people who want to know.


Training: We are working on house training now.  In just the week we have had him, he is catching on SO FAST!  He really is smart.  Day 6 and Day 7 we have only cleaned up ONE potty mess within 24 hours, compared to about 20 messes in 12 hours when we first brought him home.  Romeo will go potty EVERY time you take him outside.  I feel just since we have had him, Romeo is catching on to our routine and is very happy with it.  (While I am typing this, he is laying on my feet and keeping them warm while he nap.)  Romeo is also learning that he needs to wait for his food at feeding time. 


Best Attribute:   Romeo just wants to be loved.  He loves chewing on his dog toys and is very easy going.  Romeo is so used to being handled by kids, you can pick him up and carry him like a baby on your hip or rock him like a baby laying in your arms and he is totally happy with it.  His markings and colors are what makes him so handsome also.  His photos really don't do him justice.  You need to see this guy in person.  Watch out....... Romeo will get your heart.

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