Rainey was being sold and had a log chain around her neck.  She was covered in fleas,  Had obvious signs of skin problems and battle scars. A good samaritan rescued her in hopes of finding her a forever home and family.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Age:  7 m/o
Weight: 35-40 lbs.
Color: Blue Brindle
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Living Situation: Rainey Lives with me in a house in town with a 6ft fence and a 60x80 back yard. She is very submissive and shows no signs of aggression towards any of the 3 foster brothers she lives with (a boxer, a rat terrier, and a Chihuahua/Terrier mix) She also lives with 2 cats and plays gentle with them and no signs of prey drive. She loves to go for rides in the truck and walks good on a leash.  Rainey sleeps in my room with my 3 dogs the big dogs pile onto a large bed and sleep through the night.
Personality: Medium energy puppy, outgoing qith a loving attitude.


Behavior with people/children: She is a complete love bug and will welcome anyone.

Training: Rainey is a medium energy puppy with regular potty breaks she can sleep through the night without any accidents.  She is eager to please.  She is learning basic commands and is treat oriented. I don’t allow my dogs on the furniture because I don’t know what the adopters are going to want.  It's easier to allow her later than try to break a habit.  I have fostered dogs since 2007, with well over 50+
Best Attribute: Her best trait is her loving attitude.  Even with a rough start she is very outgoing.  IMO what makes her irresistible is her personality and colors.  She is a very pretty girl.  I would say the first people to meet her are likely to fall in love immediately. For more information please contact Nick at Nick@nhatfield.com
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