She came in as a stay through the Wichita Animal Shelter.  She is heartworm positive (which rescue will cover her treatment).  The shelter listed her to be euthanized since she was heartworm positive.
I am fostering her until she finds a home.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age:  3-5 y/o
Weight: 45 lbs.
Color: Blue/White
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: No

Living Situation: She is currently in a foster home with 2 other dogs but is dog reactive at first so we have not introduced them yet.  We have done walk by's and she is getting better.  She has not been around cats.  She does have chickens she can look at through the fence and she seems interested but does walk away.  She is living with 2 kids now and she's had little visitors and she does great with them.  She really just wants to rest her head in any lap she can.  Pumpkin does have a 6 ft privacy fence and a large back yard she gets to hang out in.  She would much rather hang out in the a/c of the house though.  She does get about 3-4 walks a day too.  She does great on the leash and doesn't pull much at all.  I'm not sure she has rode in a vehicle much but she does ok.  At night and while we are gone, she stays in a wire create.  She is totally create trained.  She stays quite and keeps it clean.  I feel the ideal home would be that she is in a home where she is the only dog and can get all the love to herself.  I don't want to rule out a home with another dog, but the family MUST be very dog smart and know how to do slow introductions. 


Personality:   Love Bug/ Cuddle Bug should be her nick name!  I would say Pumpkin is pretty 'chill'.  She gets excited when I get home for the day and she gets to go for a walk.  She gets the zoomies, which we all love to watch.  I have yet to see a grumpy bone in her body.  She is pretty passive.  She just wants to crawl up into your lap.  Really, she will lay her head on your lap/chest and just look up to you with her puppy eyes.  Not sure how you couldn't love this.  She is good with our kids and not too overly crazy with them.    What I have learned about her in the week I have had her is, she just wants your attention and love.  I wonder if she has been kept on a chain in her past and not really been taught much house manners.  Again possibly why I think she is dog reactive right at first.  Her personality is really coming out the more comfortable she gets.


Behavior with people: Pumpkin is great with people.  She is very friendly and does not have a problem meeting new people.  Everyone is her friend.  Make sure you are ready to have a lap buddy/cuddle buddy.


Behavior with other dogs and pets: She passed the dog test at the shelter I was told.  She did a meet and great with a family who wanted to adopt her and she did great!  They had an older male dog and she pretty much didn't pay attention to him.  They walked on a leash together and then they were loose in the back yard together.  No issues at all.  The issue was when the family took Pumpkin home, they let their older dog out in the back yard after she was already there and she went over and bit him.  The family agrees also, it wasn't her fault it was theirs for not introducing them slowly but they didn't want to take a chance.  This is why she is back in a foster home.  The family is heartbroken and said she really is the sweetest girl!  Because of this situation, again, the rescue feels the best matched home may be as an only dog.


Training:  She is crate trained, YEAH!  She keeps it very clean and is very quite once she is in there.  I can tell she hasn't really been loved on much or knows much obedience yet.  She is not totally house trained yet, but feel this could happen quick once she gets a routine down.  She will do her 'business' every time I take her outside.  Such a good girl!  We will continue to work on this while she is in her foster home.  We can tell she is just eager to please and just wants your unconditional love.


Best Attribute: She is such a small, compact little girl.  Her best trait I would say is being so easy going!  Such a love bug!  She just wants to cuddle.

For more information about Pumpkin or to adopt her please contact Becky Bentley by email at luvyourpit@yahoo.com or by phone at 785-766-5140

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