We rescued Moxie in Chicago. She had wandered near a firehouse. Firemen took her in and gave her to a local shelter; she had been in a foster home for a few weeks before we adopted her. She was malnourished and had recently had a litter.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Age:  8 ½ y/o
Weight: 48 lbs.
Color: Blue
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: NO
Living Situation:  Moxie has been part of our family for six years. We adopted her when we were two adults living in an apartment in Chicago; since then, we’ve added two kids (2 years and 4 months old) and now live in KC suburbs. We have a fenced yard where she spends some time every day, playing, lounging in the sun, running around.

​We do not currently walk her, but we used to walk her several times a day in Chicago prior to having a yard. She loves lounging in the sun but does get hot after a while. She also enjoys car rides though she doesn’t stick her head out the window or anything.


Moxie’s typical day involves a lot of lounging and lazing about. She loves soft materials and spends most time on a couch, her comfy dog bed or chilling on shag carpet. She loves being in the kitchen and darting after anything that gets dropped on the floor. No crumb is too small! When left alone she has been known to grab food off counters (e.g. bag of bread) so be mindful.


Ideal living situation for Moxie would be in a house with some room to move around. She loves lounging so a couch or dog bed would be great. She loves interacting with people but also doesn’t mind chilling alone for hours at a time. She doesn’t need a yard, just a place to go out, but she would benefit from having room to run around whether that’s a big patio or deck. She would be happy living with one person or a family. Just so long as she’s comfortable and has a sunny, comfy spot to lie in.


Personality: Moxie’s natural state is pretty chill, medium energy. She’s quite content to lounge around and take it easy. Even when we come home after not seeing her for a while she doesn’t run or jump up; she just trots over and proceeds to wag her whole body at being happy to see us. Moxie is always happy to cuddle and snuggle and loves getting cozy when invited to do so.


Moxie definitely has a goofy side to her. When she needs to get out energy, she will tuck her hind legs under and run/scamper around. She’ll occasionally chase her tail. She loves playing fetch even if you have to cajole her to drop the ball and chase it again after a while. She’ll toss toys to herself and pounce on them to entertain herself.


When given the chance to exercise she is all about it. When we’ve taken her to remote beaches and fields she loves, loves, loves to sprint and tire herself out.


All in all, she’s pretty chill but is always up to play or have fun or be exercised. She’s not an in-your-face dog but loves attention and will reciprocate when invited to cuddle.


Behavior with people: She does great with adults. She likes kids and visitors but doesn’t get all up in their business. She’ll give them a sniff and lay off unless invited over or engaged.

Behavior with children: Moxie is great with our two very young kids. Even when they get into her toys or her food she doesn’t exhibit any signs of aggression. Before we had kids, we had friends stay with us with small kids and they climbed all over Moxie and she barely reacts. If she does get annoyed, she’ll get up and leave the room and go escape to her bed. We’ve never let any irritation go unchecked and we’ve never feared for the safety of any people at any age around her.


Behavior with other dogs: Moxie is rarely exposed to other dogs. She should never be off her leash around other dogs. She will see other dogs on walks and has normal, butt-sniffing interactions, but she is more comfortable by herself when it comes down to it. Over the years Moxie has known two other dogs well and spent repeated/extended time around them, but those dogs are male and much smaller than she is.   Moxie will challenge other dogs and assert her dominance if challenged; she is especially edgy on other dogs’ turf where they assume they’re top dog in their homes but Moxie will not submit, and she will force a confrontation/fight if not separated and restrained.  Moxie should never be off her leash around other dogs. She should never go to a dog park.


Behavior with other animals: As is typical with her breed, Moxie will go after squirrels, rabbits, cats (and I assume vermin).  She no longer pulls on her leash when she sees rabbits, cats, squirrels on walks (we trained her out of this years ago) but she is highly aware of them and needs to be kept walking when they’re around.


Training: Moxie is housebroken. We did a lot of obedience training with her 5-6 years ago. She loves obedience and sees it as a sport. Back then, she did obstacle courses (ramps, ladder walks, jumps on blocks, etc). For tricks, she can sit, lie down, roll over both ways, shake with both paws, go up on her hind legs. Moxie does great on a leash. She does not pull. She loves walks and runs. She knows several commands (sit, stay, down, shake (with both paws), roll-over (in both directions) and up).  Moxie is not scared of anything. Thunder doesn’t phase her; neither do loud noises.


Best Attribute: Moxie loves to lick. When she loves you, you know it. She’ll lick your hand, your leg, if you let her she’ll lick your face. She’s such a loving, sweet and loyal dog. All she wants is to give love and be loved.   She also loves to cuddle. She is a world-class snuggler and will curl into a ball against your body on the couch, the bed, the floor, anywhere you call her over.  She is super smart. She takes quickly to training and loves being pushed to perform.   And she’s pretty easy to figure out: she prefers to be by herself (not around other dogs), she loves people, she’s highly motivated by food, definitely has a goofy side to her, and is happiest when cuddling with her family.

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