I saw the plea to save "Luna's" life on Facebook.  No one spoke up to foster her or adopt her to save her life.  I couldn't just let her be put to sleep so I stepped up.  I saw the plea to save "Luna's" life on Facebook.  No one spoke up to foster her or adopt her to save her life.  I couldn't just let her be put to sleep so I stepped up.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Age:  8-12 Months
Weight: 55 lbs.
Color: Dilute Brindle & White
Good with dogs: Selective
Good with cats: Unknown
Living Situation: Luna's foster home has 2 other dogs.  One is a smaller male and the other is a female pit bull.  We also have chickens, 2 birds, and a Guinea pig.  Luna doesn't seem too interested in the other small animals.  We still take precautions because we are still learning about each other more.  Luna has 2 human foster sisters.  Their ages are 7 yrs and 10 yrs old.  She does great with the kids and loves to play and run around the yard with them.  Luna is still learning that not every child/human wants her to jump up on them.  Luna has a big back yard to run in that has a privacy fence around it.  We have also taken Luna on walks around town.  She loves it!  We live it town.  Luna does great riding in the car.  Picking her up, we knew nothing about her and our dog create didn't fit in the jeep.  SO, Luna and my 7 year old daughter rode in the back set for 2 1/2 hours back home.  Luna did SO great!  Very quiet and laid down to sleep.  While Luna is still in our foster home, we will be working with her more on not pulling on the leash with walking.  Just with in the week she has gotten so much better.  She is a smart girl!  While we are away from the house and at night we keep Luna in a large metal dog crate.  She is TOTALLY crate trained... YEAH!!  She has great manners in the crate, so I'm guessing at her previous home, someone has worked with her on this.

Personality: From what we have learned about Luna so far, she would be a great dog for someone!  She has been one of our easier foster dogs to have.  She is outgoing and silly.  She makes us laugh everyday when she gets that "crazy/excited" play run going on.  Or when she gets a ball or toy and goes running through the house and jumps onto the couch and pretty much does a body slam into the back cushions.  Luna would love to cuddle with you if you are rubbing her belly.  Oh how she loves this!!  I would say Luna has a lower prey drive.  I have had other foster dogs who wanted to eat the inside smaller pets or our chickens.  Luna is not this way.  I am unsure though if she saw a squirrel or cat run what she would do.

Behavior with people: She is great with everyone she has met.  Luna would love for EVERYONE to just rub her belly, play fetch, or cuddle on the couch.   Ms Luna LOVES people.  I truly keep thinking, she will really make a great dog for a single person looking for the best companion or a couple looking for their own dog. 

Behavior with other dogs: Learning more about this...….  We feel her ideal home situation would to be an only dog home.  This may change because she has come a LONG LONG ways in just the 1st week we've had her on getting along with our other dogs.  I feel it is something that can be worked on and it just that she hasn't been socialized well with other dogs in the past.  The shelter marked her as reactive to other dogs.  Yes, she very much so was on the first day I brought her home.  We have been working with her and now she will sniff hind ends/body even act like a puppy and want to play with the little dog.  She doesn't react at all when she is in the crate and other dogs come up to sniff.  Or if the other dogs are in the crate she'll go up to them and act interested in playing. So it is a work in progress.   If she'd get adopted to a family/person with another dog they would have to be VERY educated on how to introduce the dogs. UPDATE: Luna is getting along great with our little male dog!  They play like crazy now.  It seems that Luna is dog selective.

Training: We are working on basic training while Luna is in our home.  She really is doing amazing!!!  Luna is crate trained but I would say not 100% house trained yet.  She will go to the bathroom great as soon as you take her outside!  She has been a very easy foster dog for us because of this.  Luna will sit for a treat!  She is such a good girl!  I'd say Luna is eager to please.  Luna loves to go on walks and she'll even run along side the bike when I ride it now.


Best Attribute: Once you meet Luna, you will also realize she just wants to earn your love and wants to please you.  She likes to have a human close to her.  If you are sitting outside in a lawn chair enjoy the evening with her beside you, be ready for her to be sitting on your feet or leaning up against you.  She has a little bit of "goof ball" in her too.

Please contact Becky Bentley at 785-766-5140 or if you're interested in adopting Luna.

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