Layla is a 4 year old blue pitbull who is looking for her forever home! She was abandoned and is being fostered. Layla loves to go on walks, play with toys, and lounge on the couch for cuddles. She’s a sweet girl who needs someone that can give her the time and attention that she deserves!

Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female (Spayed)
Age:  4 Years
Weight:  55 lbs.
Color:  Blue and White
Good with Dogs: Some
Good with Cats:  NO

Layla is loyal and is happy to hangout with her humans. She has some experience with children and does great with them. Her foster home has two other dogs, things are manageable but because of her past she might be best suited as an only dog in the home. Also not kitties! Layla knows basic training and is super intelligent. She needs an owner that can put in the work with her to retrain some prey drive that she has, as she is an excitable girl sometimes! All in all this sweet lovable hippo is ready to be somebodies number 1!

Living Situation:   Layla is in my home with my husband and I, and our two other female dogs (close in size to her) the  6 weeks. She was very guarded and nervous with them the first few weeks. She has since mellowed and they do good in the house together. ( I crate her when I leave or she stays in the garage when I leave and am unable to supervise them). We live in town. She has a fenced in yard, and we go to a park everyday with my other two as well and walk for 2-3 miles. She is a very strong puller when excited so we have been working on leash walking with a special anti-pull collar and she is doing well!  Most of the time she prefers it. She wants someone to love and cuddle her, and just do whatever her human is doing. She sleeps next to my bed in a doggy bed at night (and never moves lol).

My ideal living situation would be to see Layla go to a home where she will be treated as top dog, and the princess receiving all the love and attention she so rightly deserves.

Personality:   Layla is very laid back most of the time! She loves to hang with her foster family and be a giant couch potato. She loves all of the attention, and doesn’t mind playing by herself. She enjoys playing throughout the house with her stuffed toys, and really gets excited for some tennis balls in the yard (although we are learning how to bring it back).  She does well in new situations, and is just a little shy with new things at times. She enjoys the car very much, but has a bit of anxiety about getting back to it after walk time since having been abandoned. She’s a great snuggler!

​​​Behavior with people:  Layla loves everyone that comes over to visit, and has done great at the vet too. She wants someone to love and cuddle her, and just do whatever her human is doing.


Behavior with children:  Layla has been around a 13 month old and loves her and seems to want to nanny; although due to small children's very quick movements and unpredictability I feel Layla would do best with older children.


Behavior with other dogs/animals:   She doesn’t seem to know how to play with other dogs without wanting to dominate at some point. That could be due to her being under socialized previously. Layla is possessive of toys, and likes to play by herself. I think there is a possibility she could be good with a compatible male but she really enjoys getting all the attention and toys. It would take a slow, patient introduction period with a compatible male. No small dogs or cats.


​​Training:  Layla is house trained and hasn’t had 1 accident since arriving to my home. She knows “go potty” now. Layla is working on crate training an basic obedience. She is very intelligent and treat motivated! And trust building exercises as she is fearful at times of harsh tones, and objects like broom handles. Trust building is going well as I’ve discovered her love for sun bathing, and also water! She loves to play in the creek or the lake. She likes to get in water, and she’s trusting me enough now to be silly and play chase and run through the house like a wild hippo ! She’s a hoot!

Best Attribute:    Layla’s best attribute to me would have to be her sweetness, and her loyalty. After everything she has been through she loves people and is always by my side aiming to please.

For more information about adopting Layla please contact Callie Williams,, 479-567-4668

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