I saw him from a post on Facebook of dogs from a local shelter in Perry, OK that needed saved before they were euthanized.  The Perry Oklahoma Humane Society can only take dogs in if they have a foster home.  I said I would take him.  He was very underweight, entropion in both eyes, and heartworm positive.  

Took him into foster the Sunday right after Thanksgiving 2016
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age:  1-3 Years
Weight: 67 lbs.
Color: Tan
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: NO

He has been treated for his heartworms and is on his 4 week waiting period of laying low, staying calm and no rough play.


Living Situation: JoJo is in a foster home with another female pit.  They get along GREAT!!!  We have to have “time outs” with them because I think they would play ALL DAY if we let them.  They play very rough, as most pits do together.  They love playing “tag” in the yard and keep away with a soccer ball, and  tug-o-war.  They are great entertainment.  

I feel the ideal situation for JoJo is to have an individual or family who will give him his undivided attention.  He LOVES attention and just craves it.  Every vet that has met him just loves him.  JoJo loves to play with our other dog, but I also feel when he is by himself he is MUCH more laid back.  I think he’d be happy in a home with or without another dog.   JoJo deserves to be in a forever home that realizes how special he really is.  He needs an owner who is willing to build a special bond with him and teach him more about life.  I feel before he came into my home as a foster, no one ever did anything with him.  He didn’t know much at all.  He is a smart boy and really wants to please.  He needs an owner who understands him. 


Personality: He is very outgoing! He is silly for the most part and makes us laugh every day. He is very rambunctious when he is with our other dog.  Much more laid back when he is out by himself.  He loves to cuddle and has to be touching you when laying on the couch.  You will even catch him sleeping upside down next to you.  Silly boy. He thinks he needs to be a lap dog but we are leaning he can still get attention while sitting beside use.  He has already learned to sit and be calm before he gets fed.   He didn’t know anything when he came into our home.  He is a smart/fast learner I feel.  He needs an owner who understands that he is still learning.


Behavior with people: He just loves people.  He is learning that not everyone wants his big paws on their chest or in their lap.  He is great with my girls also. 

Behavior with children: JoJo lives with an 8 yr old girl and a 6 yr old girl.  He does great with them.  He LOVES attention.  He may be a little much for really young kids.


Behavior with other dogs: He is great with my other dog.  He loves to play Fetch, keep away with a soccer ball with my other dog, and tag.  Do not recommend a home with small dogs due to his prey drive.


Behavior with other pets: He has not been around cats in our home but he was VERY interested in the cats at the vet clinic.  I would say NO to cats! We have chickens. He had a VERY strong prey drive with them but has now learned to leave them alone.  We have 2 pet birds inside.  He has a very strong prey drive towards them.


Training: We are working with him with the basics and learning basic manners. He does good on a leash but still pulls some.  Learning not to jump on people all the time, it’s not ALWAYS play time,  he has learned to sit before he is fed.   He is 95% house trained.  He is crate trained.  I would say he is very willing and wants to please and can be a little bit stubborn but no bad though.  We have a privacy fence but we have taken him for a few walks.  He even did GREAT running alongside my bike.  I love exercising dogs when I ride my bike rather than walking. He likes to take the kids to school and is learning to ride in the car nicely.


Best Attribute:   JoJo has such a great look and personality.  He wants to please and always wants to be touching someone.  He just seeks love and attention.  He is a goof ball.  JoJo LOVES to chew on his Kong and Rope Toy, oh and his soccer ball!  Jojo is just a big lover boy.  If you are looking to have that special bond with a very COOL dog with a big heart, JOJO would be perfect!  We just love him and would keep him but we feel it is fair to him to find his forever home where someone can give him more one on one attention.  We know there is a great forever family for him.  He is a very special guy.

Please contact Becky at or 785-766-5140 for more information about JoJo.

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