Jack Frost

Adopted from a rescue group at 12 weeks old. He was  found as a puppy in a tire.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age:  1 y/o
Weight:   40 lbs.
Color:  White
Good with dogs: Dogs his size or smaller not big dogs
Good with cats: No
Living Situation: Jack is in a home with 3 year and 5 year old.  No other pets.  He has a fenced yard on a very busy street. He would do best in a quiet neighborhood. He can be aggressive at the fence with so many people and dogs walking by. He can pull some on a leash when walked. He sleeps either in his kennel or on our couch at night.

He goes to doggy day care to play once a week in a small dog pack. They said he doesn't do as well with the larger dogs. He has gotten used to car rides and the employees there.  He can be a fearful dog and takes a while to warm up to someone. Took him several months but loves going now and no more shaking in the car.

I believe he would be best in a home with no young kids and I think another dog his size to help him be a little more social and less fearful. Maybe even more calm in the household.
Personality: Jack is not sure of people and doesn't care to be petted by others.  He does not like his paws touched at all. He will growl. I use treats to occupy him to wipe his paws and that works good. He is very food motivated which makes training easier. I think he would enjoy kids to visit him and maybe even live in with the right family to watch them closely. He could be outgoing dog with continued training. He does well on walks passing people.

He is a playful dog, loves ball, and running around in circles in the yard. He can be hyper but he will also lay around when tired. He still has his puppy playfulness and energy.


​Behavior with people: He can be reactive with strangers. He is currently in training where he meets new strangers slowly. They use positive reinforcement. He does better outside the home than inside the home. He can be reactive when people come into our home from barking,  growling and charging. He will react at the window and fence.

Behavior with children: He does good with kids except with some human food aggression and when he is tired he doesn't like to be bothered. He can play rough with kids at times. Recommend a home with much older children or no children.


Behavior with other dogs: He is okay with dogs his size or smaller. He does not like big dogs.


Behavior with other pets: Not cat friendly.


Training: He is house broken, crate trained, and he knows sit, place and come. He doesn't always come when called so I have tried to change his recall to treat treat and have been giving him treats to come inside.


Best Attribute: He is a good dog once he is comfortable with you. He will lay by you and give you a kiss or two. He has his own unique personally and will protect you. He is fun to play ball with in the backyard. He is a gorgeous dog. He wants to be right next you on the couch he doesn't like to be left out. He will let you know by barking until you let him in.
If interested please call or text The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387
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