Hank was born in a kennel on the main floor of the local shelter along with his male sibling. He was sent to a foster home with his brother and mother. At eight weeks of age, Hank was adopted out. 6 months following adoption, Hank's adopter moved to a city where Pit Bulls were not allowed. His original foster mom did not want him to end up at the shelter so she took him into her care.

Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age:  4 y/o
Weight: 90 lbs.
Color: White and Blue
Good with dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Hank is a healthy, 4 year old, dog! He previously suffered from happy tail that lead to his tail being amputated.

Living Situation: In a foster home with an adult foster mom. Hank needs to be the only dog due to multiple altercations with a neutered male, pit bull. Currently being separated from all dogs in the home. Previously successfully lived with a 6 year old spayed black lab, 11 year old neutered male pit bull, 11 year old neutered male pit bull, a 7 year old neutered male miniature poodle, and a 8 year old spayed female morkie (yorkie/maltese mix)

Personality: Hank is a happy, medium energy, outgoing goofball.


Behavior with people: Hank is friendly with everyone he meets. If someone comes to the door, he will begin to bark. Once the door is opened and people enter, he greets them with a loose and wiggly body and occasionally will jump up to give them a kiss. Hank spends his day sleeping on the couch while his mom is at work. In the evenings, Hank enjoys spending time outside chasing squirrels and playing fetch with sticks he finds in the yard. Following his evening exercise, Hank enjoys spending time watching TV with his mom. Hank sleeps with his mom every night and must be touching her at all times! 

Behavior with children: Unknown


Behavior with other dogs: Hank needs to be the only pet due to altercations with a male pit bull that lead to medical attention being sought. Hank would also benefit from a privacy fence as he can be reactive at fence lines towards other dogs.


Behavior with other pets: Hank has high prey drive and would benefit as the only pet.


Training: Hank is housebroken and can be kenneled if needed. If crated, Hank will whine for a little bit of time and then settle in. Due to Hank's size and non-destructive behavior, Hank has been left loose in the home while his mom is away. Hank attended an obedience class as a puppy and knows the commands, "sit", "shake", "high-five", and "crash (down)". Hank is very food motivated and has great eye contact with his handler, which makes training an ease. His mom is currently muzzle conditioning him for vetting/restraint.


Best Attribute: Hank loves his people. Hank can always be found right by your side. Whether that is in the kitchen as you make dinner, on the couch while you watch your favorite show, next to you in the bath tub, or in bed when you are sleeping. He is a giant lap dog!

For more information or if interested in adopting Hank please contact Kelsey at krhendrix12@gmail.com

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