Gabby is a gorgeous American Bulldog. She is abut 2 yrs. old and is a wonderful dog!

Chain of Hope rescued Gabby in the summer of 2016.
Breed:  American Bulldog
Sex: Female
Age: 2  y/o
Weight:  70 lbs.
Color: White/Brindle
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: Unknown
We received a call from her owner that she was sick and they had no money to take her to the vet. They said she was very skinny and wouldn't eat and had been that way for over a week. We headed over to see what was going on and they led me down to their dark basement (no lights) and there was Gabby, skin and bones, tied to a pole in their basement. I could barely see her! I had the guy carry her upstairs and it was then that I saw how really bad she was. She was lethargic, emaciated, dehydrated-she was in bad shape. They signed her over to me and I headed to the vet. After emergency surgery at the emergency clinic, it was discovered that Gabby had a corn cob stuck in her small intestines and she had turned septic-she was almost dead. Emergency surgery saved her life!
Gabby began recovering at Chain of Hope. She had also tested positive for heart worms. When we got her healthy and put some weight on her, Gabby underwent her heart worm treatment. It was a difficult treatment and Gabby struggled. We pulled her through that and helped her recover once again. Once she was healthy enough again, Gabby was finally spayed. It's been a long, long road for Gabby, but she is thriving!!! She weighed 39 lbs. when we rescued her on July 14th and she now weighs almost 70 lbs. She's a tank and is absolutely gorgeous with a great personality to match! She is a couch potato and a total love bug! A very affectionate girl!

Gabby was segregated for so long from other dogs while she was so sick. When she finally recovered from everything, we began introducing her to a male dog at our facility and she now plays with him and does great. She is just beginning to go into a play group with male and female large dogs and she is doing well. It's just a slow introduction process, but she's going to be just fine!

As you can see, Chain of Hope and Gabby have been through a lot together and we love this dog!
For more information about Gabby please contact Chain of Hope at 816-221-8080 or .  Please fill out an application if interested in meeting Gabby!
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