Atlas was rescued and adopted from local shelter. Was very skinny and had lot of energy. Shortly before  my wife and I got married we bought a house in an area we believed to have no breed bans. We found out this week that is not the case. We have been ordered to remove him from our home.
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age:  4 Years approx.
Weight: 90 lbs.
Color: Red
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: In home
Living Situation:  My wife and I are currently splitting time between our house and her family's house. One of us stays with our pets at home and the other stays with Atlas at her family's home. Atlas is currently in a home with my wife's dog for company. Before he has always lived with at least 2 other dogs and 2 or more cats. He does however get very anxious around dogs he does not know. He can be acclimated in a short period of time (usually with walking together) and has been fine with any animals he has lived with.
He has always been and inside dog and is housebroken. He sleeps in the room with us in a dog bed. We walk him regularly with our other dogs. He loves to run but needs fenced in area.
Personality: Atlas is a big good ball. He is an adorable large boy. He loves to cuddle. Loves to lay next to you and lay against you and lean on you. Very playful with children. And that tongue. Atlas is not an Alpha oddly enough. He is submissive to my wife's black lab and was submissive to a Jack Russell mix before that.


Behavior with people: Atlas is amazing and loves all people including children. He is not a guard dog by any means.

Behavior with children: Very good. Loves to play.


Behavior with other pets:   In the home he is great. With dogs he does not know he can be a little anxious. Acclimates well with dogs that don't show aggression.

Training: He is crate trained. House broken. He knows sit, stay, speak, come, lay down, shake, and up. He is very easy to train with treats and very eager to please.

Best Attribute: Atlas loves people. I met my wife through him at the shelter as she used to be a volunteer there and we connected through our love for him. You don't have to earn affection from him. He takes to everyone that he has been around. When he sleeps he dreams a lot so he has this whimpering bark in his sleep which is adorable. This is the hardest thing we have ever had to do as he absolutely a part of our family. This situation has forced us into a place where we have no choice.
If interested in adopting Atlas please complete an application. For more information please contact Andy Dill 870-421-4827 or email
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