Chicory symbolizes the force of perseverance. The chicory plant is associated with the sky in some native culture due to its blue color. Credited with removing obstacles, the early American settlers used to carry chicory flowers with them for good luck. 
Another breeding machine rescued from the hard life. No wonder someone would want her puppies, despite obvious neglect and difficult living conditions, Chicory is a beauty. It was a sweet and loving nature that captured the attention of the intake staff at the pound and they immediately contacted us to come meet her. Lucky Chicky is now in our program, thrilled to have been given this precious chance to find love.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull/Amstaff
Sex:  Female
Age:  2 to 5
Weight:  55 to 65
Color: Blue
Good with dogs: N/A
Good with cats: N/A

Health Condition:

Chicory was somewhat in bad shape when she came to us, but nothing serious. Mainly she was too thin, had a dull coat and common parasites. We have taken care of those minor issues and she is nicely gaining weight. Her coat is becoming shinny and healthy. She is already a head-turner. Won’t take long  before she looks like Cinderella at the ball.

Even if you can’t adopt Chicory, you can still help her by donating for her care. Chicory could also use a loving foster home 

Living Situation:

Chicory is living at MPR shelter and she think it’s a palace compared to her life before. Imagine when she finds a loving home? She is so easy to please. Everything amazes her. She loves learning about the good life; a toy, a gentle touch, a cuddling session on the couch... It’s all wonderful to her and the joy in her eyes cant be missed.


Chicory didn’t have any concept of housebreaking when she first came to us so we gave her a kennel with both an indoor and outdoor area. She has since been keeping the inside clean and uses the dog-door to let herself out to go potty. We believe it won’t take her long to understand the rules when she’s in a home. She already wants to keep her indoor area clean.

Chicory is well behaved at the shelter. She gets a little eager about her turn to spend time with the volunteers but she is no trouble.



Loving… VERY loving. Needy, affectionate, dedicated, naïve, trusting…. She has a huge heart full of love.


Chicky has a medium energy level. She is now starting to discover toys and fun, but is still more into cuddling and petting than anything else. She’s a leaner and craves people’s touch. She loves to follow you around. Very eager to belong.


She is not dominant, nor overly submissive. She’s right in the middle where a good dog should be.

Behavior with people: 

The epitome of what a good pit bull should be. Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE is a long lost friend! She is 100% people-dog. She craves loves and is very insistent about giving her love away, like it or not! Since being with us we have taught her to relax about it a little. No one is going to abandon her again. She’ll only be with caring people for now on and it will only get better.

Please understand that Chicory will not make a good guard dog. She is way more at risk of being the one getting stolen than anything else. She is the one who needs to be protected from individuals with bad intentions. She is very trusting and will naively follow just about anyone she meets, no questions asked.


Behavior with children: 

We haven’t seen her with children yet but she is such a loving and tolerant goofball that we don’t anticipate any problem there. Having been a mama dog herself, chances are she will be a patient and trustworthy companion in a family with kids.That said, she does jump up on a people a little but we are working on it. She is eager to please.   


Behavior with other dogs: 

Right now she seems to indicate she should be an only pet. This could change, but we think she loves people so much that she should have all of her family’s attention. She has enough love to give for 10 anyway. She has old marks on her face that might be characteristic of a bad experience with another dog. Female dogs that are forced to breed are not always collaborative and sometimes they get hurt in the process. We think she deserves to live her life without the added stress of sharing her family’s love with another pet.  


Behavior with other animals: 

She has not been exposed to other animals since being with us. For now, we believe a home as the only pet is best for her.



Chicky is eager to learn but she’s a little clumsy about it. It’s actually quite endearing. We’re teaching her to sit but since she wants to touch you all the time, she’ll come lean on you and end up sitting on her feet… She then slowly melts to the floor and presents her belly for a rub…


We’re getting there… Kind of ;-)


Best Attribute: 

Love! This dog is pure love. She’s full of love and she demands to be loved. Her resilience and grateful spirit are amazing. If it was not for the way she looked when we rescued her, we would have thought she’s never been abused or neglected in her life. But her bad shape was proof of a difficult time. She is quickly blossoming though and proving once again what a wonderful breed Pit bulls are, even those that suffered hell at the hands of cruel people.

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