The round shape of the chickpeas represents a hope that the New Year will bring a complete fulfillment of one’s wishes. 
Don’t believe the pouty face! Chickpea is one fun-loving girl. In fact, she’s so happy that her whole body wags with her tail. Chickpea came to MPR right before the end of the year and is thankful to have ended her year on such a high note!  She is immediately a shelter favorite and shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect home.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  Young Adult
Weight:  45-50 lbs.
Color: Tan
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Living Situation:

Chickpea lives in an indoor kennel among a row of noisy boys.  She is the lady of the group and keeps to herself while keeping her kennel clean and her Kuranda bed dry. 



Chickpea is the playful type when it is time to play and is up for a good snuggle when playtime is over. Her new favorite toy is the Kong and of course, she can’t resist when it’s filled with peanut butter.  She has mastered playing fetch and even tries to hide her toys so the game can last longer.   


Chicky is mildly timid when introduced to new situations or objects but she is curious and eager to learn. Nothing good socialisation wont improve. 


Behavior with adult:

This sweetie is very friendly, very affectionate, very playful... She feels the same about everyone. She's an outgoing social butterfly and wants nothing more than make new friends. She has a wonderful disposition with people.   


Behavior with children:  

We haven’t seen Chickpea around children. She is lively and has a medium level of energy. We believe she would thrive in a home with active children. Since she does get startled by certain objects however, we prefer a home with respectful kids who know how to behave around dogs and parents that will assume good supervision. 


Behavior with other dogs:

Chickpea is young and outgoing and has not shown signs of aggression towards the dogs kenneled next to her. We believe she might do well in a home with a compatible male doggy friend. 



Chickpea is highly motivated by treats and the Kong ball, which make good rewards for training. She is catching on quickly to simple commands and will definitely learn fast, as she is super eager to please and even more eager for treats!


Best Attribute:

She’s freaking gorgeous!  And FUNNY!  She snorts a little and sticks out her tongue when she’s happy – we love how much of a ham she is! And look at that face! She has all the great qualities people look for in a bully breed. 

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