One of the most coveted mushrooms.

Background Info:


Chanterelle had been left behind at the pound when we met her. We still don't understand why she wasn't claimed. Perhaps the owner had been told breeding Pit Bulls without the right permit in Kansas City MO is illegal.  As soon as we saw her pretty face and how incredibly friendly she was, we knew she would be a star in our program. 

Health Condition:

Healthy and ready to find her forever family!

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  2-4 yrs
Weight:  55-65 lbs
Color:  Buckskin

Living Situation:  

Chanterelle is housed at MPR's mini-shelter. She is a gem in her kennel! She loves having indoor/outdoor access and enjoys sunbathing the afternoon away.

Chante is not reactive to the dogs kenneled next to her. In fact, she likes to stop by their kennel to say hi but quickly moves on to spending time with people instead. She is VERY MUCH a people-dog. 


Due to her very outgoing, happy and people-friendly personality, Chante is a favorite at the shelter. 

Physical Description:  

Chantee is a gorgeous dog but sadly, her pictures dont do her justice. In fact she looks mean on her pictures which is so far from the truth. Chante is about the friendliest dog in our program but picture dont capture her happy sparkles. This is a dog you need to meet in person to appreciate. We cant believe she is still in our program, being just about the best dog we have right now. Please dont rely on those pictures to grasp her beauty and charm. We promise you'll be pleasantly surprise when meeting her. 



Chanterelle is an excellent breed ambassador and we stress it! Other than a few minutes of over-joy when she meets new friends, she has excellent people-manners.  Chante is indeed a wonderful representative of the breed. 


Chante is very adaptable and likes to follow the mood. She’ll lounge around if that’s what you want to do or will be thrilled to accompany you on a walk. She behaves very well on outings and has been taken to several events already because of her outstanding "social-butterfly" personality. 


Chanterelle hasn’t been destructive when left alone in a room. She’s a very middle-of-the-road type of dog when it comes to temperament and all around very eager to please.

While Chanterelle is more on the easy-going side, she does enjoy a few rounds of "zoomies" in the yard... or in the living room. When she has gotten her "joie-de-vivre" out of the way, she'll just chill on the couch with you... Preferably "on" you, and soak up belly rubs. 


Behavior with people: 

Chanterelle loves everyone she meets! She knows no stranger and its always love-at-first-sight for her. She's the typical Pit Bull who thinks everyone is a long-lost friend. No guard dog here! She welcomes friends or strangers alike with opened-arms, eyes filled with love and a heart full of joy. 


We take her to events because we know she's just as friendly with kids, adults, men, women, you name it. She loves everyone the same way and goes above and beyond to make new friends. In fact, Chanterelle has been a star in our "Kissing-booths". 

Please note that Chante is a very enthusiastic greeter, which is part of her charm. This dog has to make absolutely sure that you know just how much you are loved. And that goes for everyone she meets. She'll make you feel like you're the best thing to have ever walked the earth. 


Behavior with children:  

She has met kids and loves them just as much as adults. That said, her occasional zoomies could be a little much for toddlers. Nothing bad at all if the parents supervise and intervene. Chantee is responsive and easy to control. She would do best with an outlet for her energy such as a big fenced yard or long walks with the family. She loves to put 100% in everything she does, be it zoom around the yard, give you a face wash and her cuddle her heart out on the couch. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Chantee was introduced to a few younger males and did great. In fact, she is very eager to make doggy friends. She may be able to live with a compatible male with proper introductions and supervision. That said, her great enthusiasm for hard playing might be overwhelming for a more laid back dog. She would be better with a young, energetic male who loves to play as much as she does. 


Behavior with other animals:  

She notices birds, squirrels, and such on walks. While her reaction isn't too intense, we don't think she would be an ideal candidate in a home with a cat. We did a brief intro with a cat and she was a little too interested for our comfort. 



Chanterelle is smart, eager to please and responsive. Sometimes her big happiness gets in the way of perfect manners for a few minutes but she settles quickly. She has been great in her kennel, isn't destructive and walks well on a leash with the right tools (Weiss Walky).  


Best Attribute:   

Chanterelle has the best pittie smile. And her eyes are so expressive - Unlike her pictures, she is very easy to read in person. She oozes personalty.  This gorgeous girl is full of potential as a family companion. Her biggest downfall is that her pictures don't do justice to her beauty. They make her look serious, which she really isn't in real life. She is one you need to meet in person to realize just as pretty and fun-loving she is. She has both; Beauty and an incredible amount of charm.  We think she is the best breed-ambassador we have right now. Beauty and fun inside and out. 


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