Champ Bear

One of the Care Bears, Champ Bear is a real sports star. He's great at every sport, but he's even better at sharing the real prizes of sports: fun, fitness, friendship and learning to be your best. 

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Background Info:


Champ Bear, who also goes by "Cruz", is a victim of a divorce. Adopted as a puppy from our program in 2019, he recently lost his home because his newly separated owner travels for work and can no longer care for him. He's been devastated, to say the least, but is currently mending his broken heart in a caring foster home. 

Adoption Fee: $ TBD
Breed: Pit Bull/AmStaff
Sex: Male
Age: 1-3 yrs 
Weight: 80-90 lbs

Health Condition:

Champ Bear was recently diagnosed with an ACL.  We are currently discussing our options with the vet and will update his bio once we have more info. Other than that, Champ is healthy and ready for adoption. 

Physical Description:  

Champ is a big-bone boy with a gorgeous bear head. He's quite large for the breed. He also has a nice healthy coat, that is soft and shiny. Champ Bear is mostly blue with white boots and white on his chest and stomach. He has the most adorable touch of pink on his nose.

Foster mom describes him as a gentle giant. Though he is quite big in size, he isn't full of attitude.  One look into his eyes will melt your heart!


Current Living Situation:  

Champ took losing his home pretty hard but we luckily found a caring foster to help him get over his ordeal. Champ shares an apartment with a single woman and her 3 yo female Pit Bull.  Foster mom reports no issues other than Champ needing a few days to decompress and accept his situation. 


There is no fenced yard in the apartment complex so Champ goes on daily walks. His foster mom tells us that he's great on leash and enjoys going on walks. 


Currently his foster mom is working on a rotation schedule while he and the resident female dog gets used to one another.


Foster mom works from home so Champ is only in his crate at night or when she leaves the house.


Champ is slowly starting to show himself as his heart is healing. His foster mom describes him as the perfect house guest. He walks great on the leash and shows no interest in other animals. If you are looking for a co-pilot, he is your man! He loves car rides and is happy to tag along anywhere you want to go!


You will never be lonely with Champ around. He's kind of the "clingy" type.... But he can also find a toy to occupy himself and leave you alone if you are busy. He is quiet, well behaved and very easy to handle. 


Champ is eager to please and knows basic commands. He is treat motivated and loves his toys.

Behavior with people: 

Champ is reserved and timid with new people but warms up eventually. He likes meeting new people but is timid. He might be protective and a little possessive, especially with "his" mom. This dog gets deeply attached to his loved-ones and would do anything for them. 


Behavior with children:  

We know that Champ was raised with babies and toddlers and did well with them. He is however, a little sensitive and we believe he would do better in a home with older kids.  Champ startles at loud noises and is uncomfortable with people touching his feet, ears, etc. In addition, he gets his feelings hurt easily and could be overwhelmed in a home with exuberant children. 

Please keep in mind also that Champ is protective. While he might do very well with "his" kids, he could become "guardy" of them and not be overly welcoming of their friends. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Introductions with the resident female are currently in process. So far so good but they both need a little more time to get used to one an another. Champ does very well with the current rotation routine and respects baby gates. Foster mom lets the dogs hang out together for a short time everyday. 


We were told that Champ went to a dog park a few times when he was very young and seemed ok, though not too interested in other dogs. His previous owner told us that he's met some street dogs that were loose on a walk. He wasn't overly friendly but tolerant and neutral.

We will update his bio as we get to see how he adapts to having a doggy sister.


Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown with cats. He's been around a couple birds and a hamster. He enjoyed sitting by their cage and looking at them but he never tried to get at them. He definitely chases squirrels outside.


He knows basic commands, such as sit, lay down, stay, come, etc. His previous owner told us that he is housebroken. Foster mom is currently working on crate training. He has some mild anxiety about it but is making progress. 

Champ is wonderful on a leash and very easy to walk. 

Overall Champ Bear is a champ and a very sweet & loving dog. He thinks he's a lap dog and he loves to cuddle. 

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