In Hebrew the meaning of the name Chai is: Life.

Background Info:


Chai found herself in big trouble when confiscated from a municipality with a strict breed ban. With no options and nowhere to go, her days were numbered when MPR managed to make room for her in program. Saved by the bell! 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  2 - 4 Years
Weight:  40 to 50 Lbs.
Color:  Red and White

Health Condition:

Spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, healthy, and ready for adoption.


Physical Description:  

Yes, she has a monkey-face!! She looks like she pouts but she's actually a funny comedian in person. She's so adorable. How can you not fall in love?


She was in rough shape when she arrived to us but blossomed into the cutest little chimp! Her coat is great now and she has gained much needed weight.


Chai is just a tiny bit smaller than average for a female but she has a HUGE heart full of love.  


​Living Situation:  

Chai lived at MPR's shelter for a few months when we rescued her from the city pound, and was thriving. She initially came to us overwhelmed by her stay in an overcrowded shelter and appeared very relieved to be in a calmer, safer environment.


Chai was being so good with us that when a foster home opened up, they picked her. Foster mom is now telling us that Chai is the best foster she's ever had... And she's been fostering for us for over 5 years. 

There is a medium/large yard in her foster home with privacy fence. Chai does awesome in that environment. She has such great manners that she doesn't need to be crated when home alone. She is not destructive and just hangs out on the couch like a little princess until foster mom is back home. 

A note from foster mom: "Chai is living the foster dream! Her behavior difference from our shelter to a quiet home is like night and day. She obviously loves the peace, and having an entire bedroom all to herself. She is completely non-destructive and fully house-trained, so she has earned the right to be loose in the 'dog room' while her foster mom is at work, and at night. She treats her plush dog bed like home base - whenever her foster mom says 'come on Chee Chee' (her nickname), she runs to her dog bed and waits for the next command. Her obedience classes tied with her contentment in her new environment has really allowed her to shine and show her true personality - That of a silly, happy, snuggle monkey.
She is thrilled to play ball in the yard or cuddle on the couch - whatever mood you're in, she will match it."


Chai's name is very fitting. She is full of life!! Don't let the grumpy face fool you. Chai is one happy girl whose eyes are always smiling when she gets the attention she craves. 

Chai is energetic but has a very cuddly side too. She is very enthusiastic in every thing she does; playing, cuddling, giving kisses, zooming around the yard, etc. She does everything with the typical happy-drive of a fun-loving Pit Bull. 

A note from foster mom: "Chai shows her enthusiastic side when her foster mom gets home from work but she knows the routine and appreciates the structure of potty time, dinner time, play time, relax time... Repeat. If she gets excited, she is easily redirected with a simple command and will happily show off her obedience skills for a treat (pepperoni is her favorite!).

VIDEOS: Chai is silly and playful. Watch her play in the doggy pool while its being refilled. She also loves to play fetch

If you have time to pay attention to her, she's in heaven and can't get enough. If you are busy and need her to find something else to do, she will leave you alone. She's really great like that. 

Behavior with people: 

She barely needs a few seconds to warm up to strangers and then she's the friendliest little dog in town. In her heart she loves everyone but she might have had a few bad encounters before, that left her a little unsure. You can tell that she is thrilled to be meeting nice people these days, and to make so many friends. 

Because she is sensitive to the vibe she receives from people, she is uncomfortable with folks that aren't familiar with dogs. She also reads her cues from her caretaker and might be protective. Once she gives you her heart though, you become her whole world and she would do anything for you. This dog is FULL of love!! 

A note from foster mom: "Chai is improving on her manners with new people every day. Her foster mom has gone out of town twice and Chai behaved perfectly for her house-sitters. We think Chai has a sixth sense about human vibes though, because she can pick up on those she doesn't trust and can be hesitant with them. She is learning to trust everyone but just like with humans who were treated poorly, it might take some time to fully build up that confidence again."

Behavior with children:  

We recommend a home with adults-only for Miss monkey-face. She will love her family but might think she needs to protect the kids. Their friends might not know how to behave around a dog, which could make her nervous. 



Behavior with other dogs:  

Chai isn't fond of other dogs and was reactive towards them when she came to us, so we enrolled her in group obedience classes. She is learning to control her reactivity at the sight of other animals and has become more manageable. The good thing about this little clown is that she is responsive to firm and consistent leadership. That said, we believe she would be more successful as family companion as an only pet. She definitely prefers people. Other dogs are not her cup-of-tea. 

There is another dog in Chai's foster home btw, but she has not been introduced to her foster brother - He is an older pit bull mix who doesn't make new friends very easily. Chai knows he lives there and has shown a tiny bit of interest but doesn't fixate on the fact that he's on the other side of the door.

A note from foster mom: "Chai's obedience classes have helped her manage her reactive instincts with other dogs, but still, she clearly loves the attention being on her and would be happiest as an only pet."

​Behavior with other animals:  

Most likely has a prey drive. A home without cats is recommended. 



She's smart, a good learner and she loves to show off her tricks. Very treat motivated and she thrives on praise. 

Chai has completed two training classes so far. She loves obedience training and we believe its very good for her to go on outings to improve her socialization. Note that our training classes are transferable to a new owner at no cost if interested

in continuing her training.

The training team only have great things to say about her. Chai has graduated two classes already and is acing obedience :-)  1st class graduation picture | 2nd class graduation picture


Best Attribute: 

Who doesn't love a monkey-face? Besides her adorably funny mug, Chai's exhilaration about life is contagious. This dog is sooooooo happy to be with her loved-ones. She promises the happiest greetings every time you come home after a long day at work. It's impossible to be in a bad mood with this happy-girl in your life. 

A note from foster mom: " Chai's best feature is that she can pick up on which type of fun you're in the mood for. She will get amped up with you and play in the yard or she will chew on her bone and leave you alone if you are busy working - she has a very easy temperament and has shown that the simple life is what she craves."

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