The gaelic meaning of the name Carly is small champion.
Carly was adopted from the pound as a puppy and raised in a home with other dogs and two young children. When she was a little over 1, the older, dominant female and her developed conflicts. Carly was taken in foster care by a relative and is now available for adoption via our program. 
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pitbull
Sex:  Female (S)
Age:  1-3 years old
Weight:  55-65 lbs
Color:  Brindle
Good with dogs:  Possibly
Good with cats:  No

Health Condition:

Carly is spayed, fully vaccinated and current on heartworm prevention. This brindle beauty is as healthy as can be and ready for her forever home. ​


Living Situation:

Carly is fostered in a home with 2 adult roommates, a human baby and several other pets.  Both her foster moms work in the animal field and are savvy with the breed. There is a large yard with privacy fence in her foster home. Carly has never jumped the fence but she is an athletic dog. She is always supervised when outside.  Carly sleeps in the living room at night and does very well. She is in a crate when no one is home.



This brindle beauty is energetic and athletic; very, very smart and an all-around wonderful family companion. Carly was raised in a home with kids since she was 10 weeks old. She aces family life like a champ. She does well in the house, though might sometime mistaken a baby toy for one of her own. She has never been destructive with the furniture though.


Carly is comfortable when at home with her family and very easy-going. She adapts her level of energy with the family members and is glad to be either in the middle of the action with everyone, or laying on the floor chewing on a toy while everyone watches a movie. She is very easy and well-behaved and responsive to the current mood.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Carly is people-friendly and has a stable disposition. She’s never shown any inappropriate behaviors towards anyone she’s met. She was well socialized as a puppy and exposed to people of all sizes and ages. Carly likes to play as much as she likes to cuddle. Whatever you’re doing works for her, especially if she’s included. That said, she is not overly pushy or needy and will find ways to amuse herself if you are busy. Just knowing that she is part of the family makes her happy and she is very easy to please.

​Carly might jump up a little bit when greeting people but she is responsible to training. She’s just your typical people-loving Pit Bull and greeting loved-ones with enthusiasm is a common trait with the breed.

Behavior with children:  

Carly’s behavior with children is where she shines. She’s been around kids since she was a puppy. She is not only totally at ease around them, she actually really enjoys their company. She is now fostered in a home with a 3 months old baby and couldn’t be any better with the little one. If the baby cries or makes high pitch noises, Carly will lick her feet to try to reassure her. She does not get weird or uncomfortable with typical noises babies make.

We think Carly would be an awesome addition to a family with children.

​Behavior with other dogs:  

Carly was raised for two other dogs and now lives with 3 foster siblings.  She does very well with her two foster brothers, both having compatible personality to hers. Her foster moms are breed savvy and supervise the dogs’ interactions. While Carly is great with sharing her home with other dogs, she is not too fond of sharing her toys with them. This is often the case with Terriers btw. Nothing alarming. Triggers such as food, toys, treats, etc, should always be monitored and if needed, provided separately.

Overall, we think Carly could live with a young, outgoing male that would let her be the queen. She would also thrive as an only pet. Carly will not be placed in a home with another female dog.

Behavior with other animals:  

There is a cat in her foster home but he is kept separate. Carly will chase him if she sees him. She will also chase rabbits and squirrels given the opportunity.


Carly is one smart cookie and likes to learn tricks. She is housebroken and crate trained and knows basic commands.

Best Attribute:   

Carly’s fondness of children is probably her best trait. This easy-going girl was well socialized with kids as a puppy and it shows. She is an all-around easy and well behaved lady with a wonderful potential as family companion.

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