Callista means the "most beautiful" and there is no denying that when it comes to this girl.

Background Info:


Callista and her mother (Big Mama) were removed from a bad situation by animal control officers this summer. Their ordeal was brought to MPR and we were able to make room for Callie in the program. Her sweet mother is still waiting for us at the pound while we try to make room. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull/AmStaff or American Bulldog mix
Sex:  Female
Age:  10-24 mths 
Weight:  65-75 lbs
Color:  Tan, Black, & White

Health Condition:

Callie had skin problems when she came to us, most likely due to neglect, poor care and stress. She was treated and her coat is growing back nice and shiny. Callie also has an obvious break in her tail as it stands at a 90 degree angle. We had the vet look at it and he doesn't believe its hurting or bothering her so there's no need to remove the tail. 

Physical Description:  

Big beefy tri-colored girl. Callie is gorgeous and much better looking in person than on her pictures. She's a big gal, with a stocky body and her coat color is amazing. Definitely a beauty. 


Living Situation:  

Callista is fostered in a home with 2 adults, 3 teenagers and 2 other large dogs. Callie is crated during the night while everyone is sleeping and when no one is home to supervise the dogs. She is normally only crated a few hours a day. Otherwise she is out and about inside the house or playing outside.


There's a large yard with tall fencing in her foster home and she is great when outside. 


While Callie is a sweetheart, it is important to know that she was most likely born shy.  She is very skittish with loud noises and reserved around new people. However, she is a dog lover & really comes out of her shell when other dogs are around.


Callie needs time to get comfortable in new situations and is not a dog who'd necessarily enjoy outings, especially if she's the only dog. She prefers to be a home girl, in the safety of the environment she knows well. 


Callie is submissive and somewhat edgy and can even be a little flighty is she gets scared. Nothing that prevents her from being an enjoyable companion as long as you understand and respect her sensitivity and treat her with patience and gentleness. Overall, she is not a difficult dog at all and even someone less experienced with Pit Bull dogs could handle her. She really is no trouble if you work around her quirks. 

Behavior with people: 

Callie is slowly warming up to her foster family but she is not an outgoing dog and will probably always be an introvert. We believe timidity with people is a genetic trait in her case but it does not prevent her from being able to have a happy family-life. She just needs time and acceptance for who she is. Her foster family claims that she has made great progress since being with them and she now enjoys cuddling and being close to her loved-ones. 

When it comes to strangers, please dont expect Callie to ever become a social butterfly. She loves those she trusts but remains unsure with people she is not familiar with. She isn't aggressive with strangers but definitly uncomfortable in their presence and we dont think this behavior will ever disappear completely. 


Behavior with children:  

Same as adults. She will warm up to kids she knows well while always remaining a little hesitant in their presence. A home with adults is preferred for this sweety unless the kids are very gentle and old enough to understand how to behave around sensitive dogs. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Not only Callies loves other dogs, but she NEEDS a home with an outgoing male companion. In fact, she reverts to puppy mode when in the presence of other dogs and even acts like a goofball around them. Callie will not be placed as an only pet. She craves the presence of a confident dog for reassurance and to be able to function around people. She is terrified and miserable on her own but becomes a lot more lively and happy around her doggy friends.  A home with a compatible male willing to lead her through life is a must for Miss Callista. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Callie hasn't met other pets except for the bearded dragons in her foster home. She has no reaction to the lizards. Callie doesn't appear to have a high prey drive and could possibly live in a home with a cat. We just dont know for sure and have no way to verify her reaction to kitties. She is not overly stimulated by squirrels and birds. 



Callie does not know any tricks, but is starting to learn from her foster dog siblings. She loves to follow their lead. Housebreaking is in progress. 

Best Attribute:   

Despite her shyness, Callie is an endearing sweetie who makes you want to lover her and protect her. She's a big teddy-bear-looking-dog with the heart of a little mouse. You just want to help her see that the world is not a bad place when you are loved. Callie wants to believe it very much and she does enjoy family life as long as she has a doggy companion to hold her hand. 

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