Of Canadian origins meaning, strong man, gentle and sweet
Bryer was found as a stray with another dog (Marlow). While she seemed relatively young and in good health, this poor boy looked like he had been through war.
The plea for help in his eyes was impossible to ignore. He stole our heart the minute we met him.
ID Number: #23660
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 2 years old
Weight: ~60 lbs. 
Color: Tan and white
Good with dogs: N/A
Good with cats: No
Medical needs: Injured leg/hip
Foster Situation:

Bryer is currently in a foster home while he undrgoes his heartworm treatments.



Bryer is currently dealing with a few health conditions. His behavior has been pretty chill in general but we're not sure his real personality has shone through yet.  It's possible we have a "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" situation here and his true character may reveal itself later to be different. We are not jumping to any conclusions about him being a wallflower just yet.  For now, if he were an ice cream flavor, he'd be a yummy butter pecan. Super sweet! 


Behavior with people:

We are keeping things quiet for him while he is receiving his HW treatments. He does really enjoy spending time with our volunteers though and will do just about anything to get their attention. He is quite the charmer. Funny boy appears to have a bit of drag queen in him with a flair for wearing costumes and a love for being center stage:).  In between "acts", we try and keep him entertained with a nice chew toy, which he seems to enjoy very much.  


We will know much more about him once his treatments are complete and he's feeling better.  But for now, we can say that we expect he will be one of those shadow dogs who would love to accompany you on the couch, in the kitchen, for car rides, and even the bathroom... such is his commitment!


Other dogs/pets:

Bryer came to us with a lot of what appear to be fighting scars. There was a young female with him and he was fine with her, but we believe he might have had at least one bad experience with other dogs before. For his sake, we believe he'd be happier and less stressed as an only pet. He looooooves people anyway.


Best Attribute:

His charm! He's very irresistible when you meet him. He has the sweetest eyes and you can see his loving soul through them. His forgiveness is exemplary.


Please stay tuned for updates on Bryer's road to recovery.  In the meantime, he really is playing up the whole "poor little me" act and really relishing all the willing Florence Nightingale's who are more than happy to fawn all over him. 

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