Bruno is a male given name. It is derived from a Germanic word meaning Shield or Armor. 
Bruno was found by a Good Samaritan, roaming in the streets. He looked like he needed help and hopped right in the car. He had some small scabs all throughout his body, but nothing serious. He seemed rather exhausted though and slept like a baby his first night. 
ID Number: #29319373
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 1-3 years
Weight: Growing
Color: Blue
Good with dogs: N/A
Good with cats: N/A

Foster Situation:

Bruno is fostered in a loft apartment at the River Market. He is the only pet in his foster home. This good looking blue boy is crated during the day while his foster dad goes to work and does very well. He is well adapted to a regular work routine and life in an apartment.



Bruno is friendly and loving companion. He loves to go on long walks or short runs. Foster dad is working on leash training. Bruno is alert and curious. He is confident but not overly dominant towards his handler. He appears to have a very stable and well-balanced temperament. 


Behavior with adults:

Bruno is great with people. Friendly and outgoing, he is comfortable with everyone he meets with no discrimination. Foster dad takes him to a lot of places downtown, so he’s getting a ton of socialization. In addition, he goes to an obedience training class once a week, where he is exposed to other dogs and learning good manners.  


Behavior with children:

There are no children in Bruno’s immediate environment, but he often meets young people when on his outings with dad. As always he is friendly with everyone. That said, Bruno can be a little enthusiastic with his display of affection and he likes to roughhouse. A home with older kids is preferred for this happy goofball.


Behavior with other dogs:

Bruno lives alone with his foster dad but he goes on dog-training classes once a week. Bruno is learning to remain responsive to his handler even in the presence of other dogs. We do beleive he would do better as an only pet.


Behavior with cats and/or other animals:

Bruno seems reactive at the sight of cats and squirrels and we believe would probably chase them if given the opportunity. 



Bruno currently stays off the furniture and is housebroken. On walks he is good until he sees another animal. When he sees another animal he can try to pull to get to them (we are working on this). Other than that, Bruno is an all-around very well-behaved companion. He has great timing for basic commands and even knows some hand signs.  


Best Attribute:

Bruno has amazing eyes that light up in the sunlight. He’s gorgeous on the outside but has a beautiful soul as well. He is a smart, confident and loving dog.

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