Bridget the Giraffe is the love interest of Benny the Squirrel in Disney's film The Wild. Bridget is a pretty, wise-cracking giraffe. She is quick-witted and wants to be seen as strong and independent. Bridget is also  noted for her great sarcasm.

Background Info:


Bridget's former "home" consisted of being on a short and heavy chain outside, used as a breeding machine. It is very clear that Bridget was not treated well and received no attention or love.  Bridget arrived at the city pound in pretty bad shape along with a litter or 14 puppies. Her puppies were all adopted and Bridget was left behind. MPR stepped up to give her a chance to find the home a brave mama dog like her deserves. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  American Bulldog Mix
Sex:  Female
Age:  2-4 yrs
Weight:  75+ lbs
Color:  Brown & White

Health Condition:

Bridget is in good health and currently has no medical concerns.

Physical Description:  

Bridget is a beautiful girl with striking features. She has a huge all-white head and a tall, sleek and muscular body with a soft white coat covered in dark markings and red freckles. She's a big girl, quite large actually. 


Bridget is most likely an American Bulldog mix. She might be approved in some municipalities with BSL. 


Living Situation:  

Bridget is fostered in a home with several other dogs of all sizes and ages. There are no children in her foster home. There's a small yard with chain link. Bridget is crated when home alone which is not very often. 

Bridget spends a lot of time with her foster dad who's remodeling houses and takes her everywhere with him. She loves going on car rides and has been enjoying meeting people at Lowes and Home Depot. She's a big fan of drive-thru's too, lol! 


Bridget's personality is a big meathead. She is constantly caulking her head from side to side as everything is new. She is always happy and loves being outside, exploring new things and then napping on the couch after.


Bridget is like having a puppy in the best sense. She has never experienced life in the way all dogs should, so everything is new to her, from a candle on the entertainment stand to the slippery hardwood floors. She is taking it all in stride and loves to explore new things on her own terms.


Bridget is super fun-loving and always in a good mood. She loves to play in the yard and will hop around like a giant bunny in the grass when she is outside. We dont think she ever was off a chain before her rescue. 


Bridget does suffer from separation anxiety but her foster family is working on helping her feel secure when home alone. Being crated next to other dogs helps a lot. She does need a very sturdy crate and MPR will provide one to her adopters at no cost if they would like.  


We would not recommend leaving Bridget unattended in the house until she has reach maturity. She isn't clear on what is a toy/bone and what is not.  Besides, being crated reduces her level of anxiety.


Bridget's ideal living situation would be with someone that is patient and realizes that once this girl is given a chance and attention she will be your biggest fan and most loyal companion. She would be great for someone who wants a dog that loves doing outdoor activities such as hiking or running but also likes to chill on the couch and snuggle up. Bridget is extremely moldable at this time and should thrive with anyone that will take the time to train and love her.

Behavior with people: 

Though still a little awkward in her interaction with people, Bridget is a very friendly dog who enjoys meeting people and getting loved on. She will give you gentle kisses and love nibbles to show her contentment. 


Bridget is very friendly in general but due to not being around many people she is a little unsure at times. However, she is very curious and really wants to be your friend. She doesn't build up the confidence to seek out attention and affection for a few days. Once she knows that she is safe with you though, she becomes deeply attached and loyal. 


Bridget's appearance and bark are enough to deter people with bad intentions. As she grows more confident and bonds with her family she may become more protective of her home. 


Behavior with children:  

Bridget met children and did ok. She gets a little too happy when she's around kids and doesn't seem to understand they are too little to roughhouse. We believe she should not go in a home with children under 12 years old.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Since Bridget is insecure, a slow and gentle introduction to other dogs is best. Once she knows the dog wont hurt her, she is ready to play.

Bridget has been successfully introduced to the other 6 dogs she shares her foster home with. It was a very slow introduction that lasted almost 2 months. The resident dogs are older and set in their ways and not very welcoming, so the introduction period was extended. Bridget is large and intimidating looking to other dogs so its best to take things slow. She did all she could to win them over and everyone gets alone gets now. Triggers are thoroughly monitored, the dogs fed separated, always supervised when interacting and never left alone together. 

Bridget is fostered in a home with a Pekingese, a Corgi mix and a few Pit Bulls.

Behavior with other animals:  

Bridget doesn't seem to have much interest in the neighborhood cats and doesn't even chase bunnies that hop by. We believe her prey drive in low, at least so far. We dont know if she could live in a home with cats though. 



Bridget is house-broken and crate trained, although she requires an extra large and preferably sturdy crate. As explained above, MPR can provide a special crate that works for her if needed. 


Bri is working on basic obedience like sit and stay. She walks well on a leash and rides well in a car. Please keep in mind that she is more Bulldog than Pit Bull so she has a stubborn streak. She will do best with an owner that understands Bully breeds.


She also needs someone that is patient while she builds her confidence and does not force her do things. For example, she is scared of some doorways  but will come through on her own time. It may take a minute or two but she will come because she knows her person and treats are on the other side. However, trying to drag her in is not the right way to build her confidence (but a good way to send you to the chiropractor as Bridget is a very big and strong girl!). 

Best Attribute:   

Bridget's best traits are that she is just a fun loving, happy girl. Despite not being shown love for the first few years of her life she is full of pure joy and happiness! She also has the cutest snort and body wiggle.

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