The Anglo-Norman word boudin meant 'sausage', A tasty Cajun Treat 
Background Info:

We don't know much about Boudin's previous history, other than he was confiscated from a cruel situation. Being a stocky, big-headed American Bully, we feared he could attract a bad home again so we welcomed him into our program to make sure he never falls in cruel hands again. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  American Bully
Sex:  Male
Age:  1 to 3
Weight:  45 to 55 lbs.
Color:  Dark brown black
Good with dogs:  N/A
Good with cats:  N/A

Health Condition:

Boudin has sensitive skin and a possible predisposition to ear infections. He is currently under treatment, but this might be something he will deal with all his life. American Bullies have quite a bit of English Bulldog in them and many have inherited some of the health issues associated with the breed. Something to consider when adopting a dog. It doesn’t make Boudin any less deserving of a home. It's not his fault after all, and he needs love and a family just like any other dog. His health issues can be controlled with the right diet, medicated baths, and occasional simple treatments.


Living Situation:  

Boudin currently lives at MPR’s shelter.  He’s a great sport about his situation and seems to think shelter life is much better than what he had before. He’s never had an accident in his kennel and is not destructive. He’s even allowed to have a cushy dog-bed, which he loves.


Boudin is not reactive of the dogs that walk pass his kennel and he doesn’t pay them any attention when going in and out himself. Boo Boo is quiet and patient in his kennel, although he might bark every now and then if something picks his attention in his outdoor run.  He is not vocal, whiny or needy and has been nothing but a great little guest.



Boo Boo is in the process of discovering the good life. It’s a journey for him and coming out of his shell took a few weeks. He is still timid and unsure under certain circumstances, but he’s become a much different dog than the shell-shocked, scaredy-cat he was when he first arrived. It’s almost as if he had no idea that life could be good and no notion of happiness before… To see him run around now, greet people with enthusiasm and smile at life, makes our heart sing. Boudin is the perfect example of what can happen to a neglected, abused dog once they are loved and well-cared for. The little guy is opening up a little more every day and to see him being so happy to be happy is the best reward for all the volunteers’ efforts and dedication. We believe that though he might never become a jet setter, Boudin will continue to improve and come out of his shell once he is adopted and will be able to live a normal life as a happy companion.


Boudin’s level of energy is low. He has occasional and short-lived bursts of vigor, but he is definitely a very low-key little guy who loves to follow you around like a little shadow.      


While Boudin might never become be an Einstein of advanced obedience training, he is naturally well-mannered and not rambunctious by any means. He likes the company of people and tends to follow them around wherever they go. He is the kind of dog that will lounge around with you on the couch but has a bit of a playful side as well. Boudin is not a dominant dog and lies more on the submissive side, still unsure about some of his surroundings. Due to Boudin's personality, he would likely be best in a calm environment.


Note that Boudin is still learning on how to become a normal indoor companion. He’s more at ease outside since this is all he’s ever known but he absolutely loves being welcomed inside. He still hasn’t figured out how to climb on the couch and cuddle but we’re working on it 😉


Behavior with people: 

Boudin was most likely born to love people but was never given the chance to. Needless to say, he is thrilled to be with people now but still a little torn between a long-learned fear of being hurt and his natural eagerness to make friends. Since he’s only been receiving positive feedback from people, however, he has opened up a great deal and been thriving on his interactions with everyone. His progress has been amazing and very encouraging. He is becoming a comical little clown who loves to make everyone laugh. It’s a huge relief for us to see him able to be happy.


Behavior with children:  

Boudin's behavior around children is unknown. However, we know the little guy has no malice what’s so ever. We bet he would love a home with kids, provided the children understand that he needs them to be gentle with him. Boudin still gets spooked by loud noises, objects being thrown around, screaming, etc. For his sake, we prefer a home with adults or perhaps older, and very respectful kids. Boudin is not your typical happy-go-lucky Pit Bull, comfortable in all situations. He’s been hurt and neglected before and will require extra patience and gentleness to continue his progress towards happiness.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Boudin has not interacted with other dogs directly since coming to the shelter, but he has not shown any signs of aggression towards the other dogs at MPR. He is much more focused on his people time! That said, we believe that a compatible 4-legged companion with an outgoing personality might actually help him become more self-confident.


Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown, though he doesn't show signs of a high prey drive.



Boudin is housebroken and nondestructive. While he is not an ace of obedience training, he is a very easy dog and no trouble at all.

Best Attribute:   

Boudin has been through a lot but somehow managed to keep a pure heart. He has the sweetest soul and gentle eyes. There’s also a silly little clown hidden in there, aching to come out and play. All Boo Boo needs is a little bit of time and a whole lot of love. This dog is very grateful and goes out of his way to show you how much he appreciates being well taken care of.

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