Booh!: Came to the program on Halloween so we had to give him a fitting name. And he looks like a happy little ghost.​

Background Info:

Booh! was confiscated from a bad situation and brought to the local pound. The staff selected him as a potential candidate for our program as they thought he fit the bill. We were immediately drawn to his positive energy and gorgeous face.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  55-65 lbs
Color:  White with black patches

Health Condition:

Healthy and ready for adoption. 

Physical Description:  

Medium size, very well proportioned other than his huge head. Booh! is muscular and very well built with an athletic stance. Gorgeous dog who turns heads everywhere he goes. . 


Living Situation:  

Booh! first lived at MPR's shelter where he had quickly learned that life is pretty good at MPR. He seemed relieved to be in good hands. He did great in his kennel, kept it clean and neat, and didn't cause any problems.

He was then moved into a foster home with a single young adult and no other pets. Him and his foster dad visit the park by their house multiple times a day and Booh has been a great breed ambassador. 


While slow intros is advised, Booh has met other dogs in controlled setting and did well. He also doesn't have a high prey drive. He watches squirrels, rabbits, etc, but never gets overly excited or tries to chase them.

Booh is crated trained but does well when loose in his foster home while foster dad is at work. 

Foster dad update: "I walk Booh at least 3 times a day, normally 4. He is great on walks, no pulling. He will even mostly ignore all the squirrels and critters that run around the park. He is interested in other dogs (he will try to walk towards them) but he shows no signs of aggression. He just wants to sniff and meet them. He has been so great with meeting new people. I have lots of neighbors and he is always eager to meet them, but also very polite without jumping." 


Personality: Foster dad update:

"Booh is very calm for the most part. His favorite spot is right next to me on the couch. He loves to lounge around. Since the weather has been nice, I leave my balcony door open and he enjoys laying in the sun watching all the people, dogs, and cars go by. 

He also has a very playful side. He loves all his toys and running around with them. He can occasionally get a little overly energetic. Nothing aggressive, but he will sprint around with his toys sometimes a bit too quick for the indoors. He's quick to respond to correct himself if needed. A simple "gentle" or "leave it" (if he picks up something that isn't a toy) response will have him slow down. He's very smart and responsive.

Overall he is very easy-going. He responds to my behavior depending on what I'm doing. If I'm working or just watching tv he will just lay next to me and stay calm. If I grab a toy he'll quickly turn to being playful and energetic. He loves his walks and is great at loose leash walking with very little pulling. 

He has a fantastic combination of a playful personality mixed with an easy going one."


Booh! has been enrolled in a professional obedience training class and is acing it! He's so good in class that the teacher often uses him as "demo dog". 

Booh! is energetic and always ready for a good time. He has also a cuddly side like all Pit Bulls, but playing comes first. He does get quite enthusiastic when playing with toys and we are working on teaching him to control his happy-drive. He's thrilled when volunteers spend time with him and has already figured out his favorite toys. 

Behavior with people: 

Friendly and super outgoing. Get the ball out and you have a best friend forever. Booh! is a bit of what we call a "guy's dog" as he'd rather play than be pampered. He does love his comfy bed though but nothing beats a good game of fetch. He can play a little rough and needs strong leadership, which he thrives on. 

He can sometimes be a little reserved when meeting some people. But he is very quick to warm up to them if their vibe is positive. Overall he is outgoing towards new people, without being too energetic. He runs into the same neighbors regularly on his walks and he is always happy to see them!

Note that Booh seems to take a little more after the Bulldog side of the Pit Bull, rather than the Terrier side. As a result, he might be a little more protective of his family, so responsible ownership is a must! While he is friendly and stable, he doesn't necessarily believe that everyone is a long lost friend until he's been able to make the assessment. He needs a structured environment and positive socialization with people. 


Behavior with children:  

From foster dad: "Booh had the chance to meet 3 kids on a walk through the park (we were unsure of his behavior towards children before). He did great! Gentle, friendly and comfortable". 


That said, Booh can get a little exuberant with his toys and therefore we feel he would do better in a home with older kids or adults only. He has no malice but his enthusiasm for life could be a little overwhelming for toddlers and small children. 

Behavior with other dogs:  

Booh! might be able to share a home with a compatible female as long as the owners understand the breed well and know how to properly introduce dogs and assure good supervision. He would need a female that can handle his energy and fervor to play. That said, he would be just as happy as an only pet as he doesn't seem overly eager to make doggy friends. 

Foster dad update: "Since in foster care, Booh has only met a couple other dogs. He was slow/timid to approach them and was more curious than anything. I think that Booh could get along with another dog in a household but a slow introduction and supervision would definitely be necessary as his past is unknown. He never shows aggression towards dogs at the park, but will walk towards them and shows interest in meeting them."


Behavior with other animals: 

He has shown a very low prey drive. There are lots of squirrels at the park. My previous foster would pull and try to chase them. Booh ignores them for the most part. He will watch them curiously and sometimes walk towards them, but has never tried to chase any animals.



Booh! is housebroken and crate trained. Booh! thrives on leadership and obedience training has proven to be an excellent and healthy source of fun for him. He absolutely loves it and is very good at it. We see the difference when his mind and body are engaged in stimulating activities. This dog could go far in obedience training. We bet he would love Agility or other energetic sport. 

UPDATE: Booh! completed an obedience training class in February. He did so great and had so much fun that we enrolled him for more classes.  The volunteers who took him informed us that he is very responsive, focused, treat-motivated and eager to please. He makes us all very proud. 

Foster dad update: "Booh is exceptional at training! His favorite trick is "place". I will point to a spot and tell him "place" and he will go to it or on top of it. He will climb up on the park benches or set at the table when I tell him. He also knows the commands like sit, down, stand, wait, come, leave it, as well as several hand signals. He is great at wait, I've practiced with him with steak, and I can leave it right in front of him tell him to "wail" walk away and then return and say "ok" and he will wait to eat it.


He is incredibly smart and responsive to commands. He sometimes has high energy and mental stimulation/training is a great exercise for him. Booh is very eager to please and enjoys his training! He recently graduated Dog Obedience 1.0 and is currently taking a Play and Confidence Class. He has done great at his classes as well as his training at home.

As far as house training goes, he's been close to perfect. A few accidents when he first moved in and I had to work late. But overall close to zero accidents. Booh is a very smart dog that loves learning and practicing his tricks!"

Best Attribute:   

His good looks is what you notice first but his happy spirit also stands out. Booh! is a dynamic guy with positive and stoic energy.


Foster dad update: "Overall Booh has been perfect during his stay with me. He is smart and responsive. He loves to play with his ball, rope, Kong and other toys; but is often very calm and loves to cuddle and just hang on the couch. He has an amazing personality and is very eager to please. Every one of my friends, family, and neighbors have absolutely loved Booh! He is an amazing dog with a awesome personality and he gets along with everybody!" 

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