Someone who acts goofy or awkward; also could be a term of endearment; goober. Boof is also a plush toy that comes to life in a children's book.
Boof was a favorite at the city shelter after being brought in by animal control. WE don’t know under what circumstances he lost his home. Everyone was surprised that such a great and good looking dog wasn’t claimed. He’s not only gorgeous on the outside, but he’s a total teddy bear too.
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 Years
Weight:  60 to 65 lbs.
Color:  Liver & White
Good with dogs:  
Good with cats:  

Health Situation:

Boof is a healthy boy, ready to adopt a new family. ​​

Living Situation:  

Boof is living at our MPR shelter and loving every minute of it. He is very easy to please and seems to think this is the coolest place ever. We can only imagine how thrilled he will be when he finally finds his forever home.

Boof has been no trouble at all. He keeps his kennel clean and is not destructive. However, he does like to re-arrange his bedding to his liking. He’s quite funny about it and always seems very proud of the new layout he comes up with for his bed, blankets, toys, etc. This dog has a very positive spirit.



Boof is so happy and goofy and veeeeery loving. He enjoys giving hugs and will do anything for a belly rub. Nothing beats cuddling on the couch with a loved-one. The big guy is indeed very affectionate so if you’re looking for an independent dog, he might not be the best choice. Boof’s pretty sure he was born to be a Teddy Bear and that’s how he intends to live his life. A big cuddly guy who loves to be used as a pillow or to use YOU as a pillow. He doesn’t care, as long as he’s sharing the couch or the bed with you and allowed to snuggle to his heart’s content.

​​​Behavior with people: 

Of course, he is thrilled to be with people. He greets all the volunteers with bear hugs and wet kisses. He’s quickly made himself a favorite and will most likely break a few hearts when he leaves. That said, we know he deserves a home of his own with a family eager to love him as much as he will be to love them.

One thing is sure is that despite his intimating looks (he’s a pretty stocky guy with a huge head and beefy body) he’s not much of a guard dog. Way too people-loving for that. In fact, he’s the one who needs to be guarded. This super friendly and gorgeous dog should never be left untended outside.

Behavior with children:  

Boof has not met any children yet. He gets a little jumpy but will probably adjust well to kids. He is such a sweetheart that we think he’d do awesome in a home with kids.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Boof has not had any interactions with dogs yet at our shelter. Our volunteers haven't notice him have any negative reactions to dogs when he walks past their kennel. He seems pretty oblivious. He should do well with a compatible female but he loves people so much that he’d probably be just as happy being the only dog in the house. 


Behavior with other animals:  




Boof is a very easy-going dog and he handles commands the say way. He’s not dumb by any means but training is not his favorite thing. Cuddling is!  He’s pretty easy to deal with though so he doesn’t need to learn all kind of tricks. All he wants is to hang out with his loved-ones and share the love. If you insist on teaching him tricks though, he’ll gladly abide. He’s eager to please and loves to bring a smile in people’s face.

Best Attribute:   

Boof is the happiest boy and is ready to give a family all the love he can. He has the most unique color pattern with a pretty diamond on his head and adorable freckles. He can be a little pushy with his demonstration of love so be prepared for a big affectionate teddy bear!  

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