Bobby Socks

Short socks reaching just above the ankle.
Bobby Socks is the cutest brindle with "white socks" on his feet. Bobby is currently at our mini-shelter and is is having the time of his life.  We don't know under what circumstances Bobby lost his previous home but he doesn't seem to have been a neglected yard dog. We believe he was someone's companion. 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male (N)
Age:  12 to 24 mo
Weight: 50 lbs.
Color:  Brindle
Good with dogs:  Female
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

Bobby Socks is as healthy as can be!

Living Situation:  

Bobby resides in a foster home with one adult and one older teenager.  He lives in a suburban neighborhood and the home has a 4 foot wooden fence. He has never tried to jump it. 


Bobby enjoys going for walks and he is learning to pull less on the leash with every outing.  He is a perfect gentleman in the car and just relaxes and enjoys the ride. 


Bobby is a shadow dog and wants to be where his people are so he sleeps right next to foster mom at night.  During the day when the house is empty, he stays in his kennel which he keeps tidy. 


Bobby has a lot of puppy energy so he definitely needs a family that has time to play and exercise him.  We are working on correcting the habit of jumping up on people when happily greeting his loved-ones. Bobby is smart and a great learner. Consistency and positive leadership works well with him.  Because he is strong boy with a lot of puppy in him still, a home with older children would be best.  He has no malice but he is a good size dog and doesn't always know his strength.  



Bobby Socks is very outgoing and a fun guy.  He tries to communicate with people via silly noises. Its quite comical and one of the most endearing things about him.  He is a typical happy puppy but he is a good listener and eager to please.  His energy level is medium to high, mostly due to his young age. Nothing abnormal for a healthy young adult Pit Bull. He does settle down nicely and loves to cuddle.... literally on top of you!  


​​​Behavior with people: 

Bobby loves people and hasn't met a stranger. Very outgoing boy who thinks everyone is his best friend. He is curious and alert and very eager to interact. He has a ton of potential and is a great breed representative.  It is Bobby’s amazing disposition and friendly nature that attracted us to him when we met him. We had to choose between several dogs as we only had room for one, and Bobby made the cut! His general demeanor and behavior with people are ideal for an active family looking for a best pal.


Behavior with children:  

Bobby Socks has not been introduced to children yet. He’s just about as friendly as they come though, so we think he would love a home with kids. We are working on his enthusiastic jumping right now and he is responsive. A home with older children would be ideal for him. Bobby is the kind of dog who will thrive with a dynamic family that will include him in their activities.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Bobby Socks lives with an 80lb female pit and they are great playmates.  She is very much the boss and he is good with that.  They play together well but feeding time is always separate.  Bobby also resides with a 6lb chihuahua. While he has never tried to harm her, she is not overly fond of the brindle clown.  The goofball tries to win her over by being a bouncy comedian around her and its not working too good so far. Foster mom needs to intervene and keep him from being too enthusiastic in her presence.


There are neighborhood dogs surrounding his back yard and he is unfazed when they are barking.  He seems to be very dog friendly.


Behavior with other animals:  




Bobby Socks is housebroken and he can hold it for several hours when he is kenneled. He is very good at sit and we are working on "down" and "stay".  He is not stubborn or defiant but he is easily distracted, which should improve with age.  


Best Attribute:   

Bobby Socks has the most positive energy there is! He is outgoing, playful and one happy boy! This dog will crack you up with all of the conversations he has with you... or his bone... or the other dogs… He is chatty!!  It is not barking, in fact it is hard to describe, kind of like a moan/growl/whine/snort all wrapped in one. It is almost like having a pig bull instead of a pit bull!  He also has that sweet head tilt going on when he doesn't understand something which is pretty irresistible.  He is a hugger and believes he is small enough to be a lap dog and any lap will do for him.  He is truly a sweetheart just looking for love.

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