Bo is mainly a Swedish/Danish masculine given name, derived from an Old Norse nickname, bua, meaning "to live". Also a variant the french name Beau, which means "handsome". 


Background Info:


Bo was initially adopted from MPR as a puppy after being bailed out of the city pound in 2018. He was returned 2 years later for a multiple of reasons explained below, after his family moved to a home without a large fenced yard. 

Adoption Fee: $200
Breed:  Pit Bull/ AmBull mix
Sex:  Male
Age:  2-3 yo
Weight: 90-100 lbs

Health Condition:

Other than some mild seasonal skin allergies that are easily managed, Bo Bo is healthy physically. However, the poor guy is plagued with inner struggles, most likely caused by poor genetics. He suffers from rather severe anxiety that seems triggered by any big changes in his life. The dog craves routine and consistency and handles stress poorly. Bo is also hyper sensitive to certain sensorial stimulus, such as sound, visual, touch, etc. In a way, he could be compared to an autistic child.

Instead of euthanasia, we have chosen a course of action that includes a cocktail of medications and special training. We are thrilled to announce that in just a few weeks, we are seeing amazing results and very promising improvement. Yet, Bo Bo is not a dog for everyone; He is however, an incredible sweetheart who's charming ways make everyone fall head over-heels for him.


We are in for the long haul with this special Don Juan, but confident an nice person will one day give him a chance to be their beloved companion. 


Physical Description:  

Things might have been easier for Bo if he wasn't so big and incredibly strong. He's solid as an ox and can be difficult to handle when he puts all his might in his muscles. We are working on training but he's a work in progress.


He's definitely a gorgeous dog though. Bo Bo's eyes will melt your heart. He has a way to looking straight into your soul with pure love and adoration. Despite his issues, this Casanova is actually very hard to resist. 


Living Situation:  

When he lived with his previous family, Bo spent a lot of time in a large fenced yard when dad, a firefighter with a long schedule, wasn't home. Stay-at-home mom of 3 kids under 6, was struggling to manage Bo's strength and anxiety. Bo was more comfortable outside and did not handle indoor confinement very well. Things became unmanageable for the family once they moved and Bo lost access to a fenced yard, which was a safe outlet for him. 

When Bo arrived to MPR, we quickly realized that being kenneled in a shelter with barking dogs all around him caused him debilitating stress. Bo was immediately moved to our meds room, which is in a calm area of the shelter, and has been doing incredibly well in that room. He has access to a couch and is not destructive. He has his own yard and is behaving like a trouper. He never had any accidents inside and only barks a little when volunteers arrive or leave. The rest of the time he is quiet and very well behaved in his room.  



The dog is incredibly sweet and charming. Once has has adjusted to an environment, he is content and chill. We have no problems with him what so ever at the shelter and he is a BIG TIME volunteers' favorite. He's overall a darling cuddle bug and loves to show how smart he is with his tricks. 


Bo struggles when new events take place in his life. A car ride is stressful. A vet visit is disastrous... Moving to a new place is the end of the world... The arrival of a new baby, etc. Those are things that cause him great anxiety.

While we gave Bo a strong dosage of medications when he came to us, we started tapering almost immediately. We adjusted the medications according to his response. In less than two months, Bo is now on a mild dosage of trazodone and a maintenance dosage of Prozac, which seem to work wonderfully for this sweet boy.

We are now moving into the second phase of this rehab project and slowly introducing him to new things, new stimulus, new adventures. Basically slowly desensitizing him to those sensory triggers he has a hard time coping with.

Behavior with people: 

Bo is a very loving and friendly dog. A little needy; he'll follow you everywhere if you let him, including the bathroom. If you're busy though, he'll find something to occupy himself and leave you alone. He is well-behaved and polite (for the most part) -  He tends to jump-up on people when greeting his loved-ones but is currently learning that this is unacceptable behavior. 


Behavior with children:  

Bo was raised in a home with a 5 yo, a toddler and a newborn baby. As he got bigger, and bigger and bigger, he became a little much for the small kids. Mom was also very busy with little ones and unable to provide Bo with the structure he needed. Because he's a special boy with special needs, we prefer a home with adults only for this big teddy-bear. 

Behavior with other dogs:  

Bo is kept separate from the dogs at the shelter. While we don't think a home with adult dogs would be a good thing for him, we believe Bo would love to have a little puppy sister. Otherwise, he should be an only pet. 

Behavior with other animals:  

We don't recommend a home with small animals, such as cats. 


He's a well behaved, well trained dog who knows several commands, as long as he is not panicking or overstimulated. We are introducing more and more stimulus in his life, but at a pace he can cope with. 

Best Attribute:   

He is by far, one of the most charming dog we've ever had in the program. You would think that because of the issues described above he would be an unpleasant companion but that is not the case at all. The majority of the time, Bo is about perfect. He just needs to learn to cope with life a little better and we are confident he will be successful. We are already seeing so much progress. 

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