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Bingo was found as a stray and taken to the city pound. Little info is known about his past. Bingo was a favorite at the pound and the staff pleaded his case to be accepted in our program. Bingo is indeed a real sweetheart of a dog. 
ID Number: #28661516
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 1 to 2
Weight:  ~ 55
Color: Whilte with liver patches
Good with dogs: Some
Good with cats: Possibly

Foster Situation: Bingo is fostered in a home with two adults and two dogs. His foster sister Ruby, is a Pit Bull and Capone is an American Bulldog. We have a 4' chain link fenced in yard in Lee's Summit. When Bingo is not out and about in the house, he is crated in his kennel. Bingo sleeps in his crate at night.


Bingo loves outings. He goes to Home depot with us, Petco, and car rides. He is well behaved around other dogs and loves people.  We believe the ideal living situation for Bingo would be an active family with a well-matched dog. 
Personality:  Bingo is very outgoing. I would describe him in these words: cuddly, docile, energetic, and inquisitive. We called him "Curious George" a lot. We believe he has not been exposed to a lot of things before so he just wants to explore. 
Behavior with adults: Great. He loves to meet people and loves to be rubbed. He always greets our neighbors when he goes outside in the yard. They love giving him treats.
Behavior with children: Bingo spent a few days in a temporary home with kids and he did awesome with them. There are no children in his current foster home but we have no reason to believe he would not do well and enjoy a home with kids.
Behavior with other dogs: Bingo gets along with his foster brother and sister. He was also part of a playgroup while at the city pound. We believe he would do well in a home with a compatible dog.  
Behavior with cats and/or other animals: Bingo was briefly introduced to cats while at city pound but has not been around cats since them. He does seem to have somewhat of a prey-drive. He might be able to share his home with cats with owner that are well experienced and know how to introduce and supervise the animals properly. 
Training: Bingo is currently learning everyday commands (sit, down, off, etc.). He wants to learn but acts like a pup sometimes. He's making lots of progress though.  He has had some accidents in the house at first, but we think it was due to being in a new environment. He is fine going into is crate; you just have to help him a little.  Bingo is getting used to being on a leash - Each time gets better and better.
Best Attribute: His adorable puppy face; his irresistible clumsiness... And the way he loves. He just always wants to be loved on or by your side.



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