Big Mama

Big Mama is a motherly owl character from the disney movie "The Fox and The Hound". She is a good friend and mentor to everyone and possesses a great deal of wisdom. She is genuinely friendly to everybody.

Background Info:


Big Mama was abandoned at the city pound by her unscrupulous breeder after being confiscated for being kept in a neglectful situation. There were several dogs on the property, including her daughter Callista (adopted). Big Ma was used as a breeding machine all her life and had no idea what the good life is all about. We are thrilled to give her a chance to finally find love and happiness. God knows she deserves it!

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull 
Sex:  Female
Age:  3 - 5 yrs
Weight:  50 - 60 lbs
Color:  Blue Fawn & White

Health Condition:

Healthy and ready for adoption!

Physical Description:  

This pretty mamma has blossomed since joining our program and is becoming a beauty. Her coat looks much healthier now and her muscles are developing thanks to no longer living on a chain. She's somewhat short and stocky and big boned.


Living Situation:  

Miss Big Mama is fostered by a young man in a small loft type apartment and does very well. There's a very small fenced yard and while she likes to run around in a big yard, she doesn't mind the small space either. Big Ma is very easy to please. 


She quickly discovered what couches were all about but she likes toys even better. We dont think she's ever had a toy before her rescue so needless to say, she's pretty happy now that she has plenty. 

Mama doesn't need to be crated when home alone. She is not destructive and doesn't have accidents inside. Please note that her foster dad is almost always home so he lets her out as needed. 



Very outgoing and comfortable in her own skin. Mama is confident and has a big happy spirit. Her level of energy is right in the middle, though she loves to take advantage of her time out of the kennel to play. She loves toys and her eyes brighten with joy when she sees the toy basket. She's cute and funny and a happy clown with no hang ups. 

She only needs a couple rounds of zoomies and she quickly settles on a dog bed, chewing on a nylabone. She is not overly needy and great at keeping herself entertained. 

Behavior with people: 

Everyone's a friend. Very at ease with people of all ages, sizes and color. She isn't standoffish with anyone at all, even though she might have not always been well treated in her past. No grudge at all.  Big Ma was obviously born with good genes and acts like a typical stable and people-friendly ABPT. 

The young man she lives with has social anxiety and she offers calm, composed and serene company to him. She's an easy dog who doesn't ask much to be happy. 


Behavior with children:  

Unknown  but we think she would do well with older children. She does get a little possessive of toys however, but we believe this behavior will subside in time. Toys are still very new to her and the best thing since sliced bread, right now. She would probably enjoy a home with older kids and being a mama herself, she might have a great nanny side. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

She loved her daughter (who was quite larger than her) but other than that, Ma has indicated that she's a people-dog and not interested in making 4-legged friends. Keep in mind that she was used as a breeding machine and might have not always been consenting. Her experience with other dogs was most likely negative and she doesn't like them near her now or sharing the same space. Big Mama will be happier as an only pet. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown but we prefer a no-cat home for Miss Mama. 



She knows the basics. She's pretty easy and naturally well-behaved. She doesn't know a bunch of tricks yet but is good in her kennel and responsive.

Best Attribute:   

She's very much a no-nonsense kind of gal with a cheerful personality. She's easy and uncomplicated and her mama-dog nature is very endearing. After all those years producing puppies for a heartless owner, Ma has certainly earned a chance to enjoy life and be loved and pampered.  

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